6 HOUR Crochet Baby Blanket - FAST and EASY, IDEAL for BEGINNERS!

6 HOUR Crochet BABY BLANKET Fast and Easy

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6 HOUR Crochet Baby Blanket - Crochet a Granny Stripe Blanket

If you've always been drawn to the classic look of crocheted granny striped blankets, but have struggled to replicate the pattern with bulkier yarns, you're not alone.

Bernat Blanket yarn, known for its softness and thickness, can pose a challenge when trying to achieve the traditional granny stitch pattern, as the usual stitch leaves large holes in the finished product.

However, with a few modifications to the pattern, you can still create a beautiful blanket without any gaps.

By using medium-high crochet stitches, you can reduce the spaces between stitches, resulting in a seamless and cozy baby blanket.

To start, select your desired colors of Bernat Blanket yarn and choose a hook size that complements the thickness of the yarn.

Crochet Granny Stripe Blanket

Enjoy The Video Tutorial

Next, follow the modified pattern for the granny stripe stitch, alternating between colors every few rows. The result will be a soft and cuddly blanket with the classic look of a granny stitch, but without the gaps.

Whether you're making a blanket for your own little one or as a gift for a friend or family member, this modified pattern is sure to impress. So grab your yarn and hook and get started on your own beautiful creation!

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