Crochet Butterfly Kisses Baby Blanket

Butterfly Kisses

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Butterfly Kisses Baby Blanket

Take a close look at the beauty of this Crochet Butterfly Kisses baby blanket !!

In this video tutorial, you will find everything you need to know to make it and you can also learn how to change to any size, from a small baby blanket to a king-size quilt. Included is the free pattern with a crochet diagram.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Baby Blankets


The blanket is designed with two rows of white that are straight rows of simple crochet. Easy to remember, right?
The colored stripes are made up of 4 rows. The first row is a configuration row for the texture to be ready. The other three rows of the color are the texture itself.

It is designed so that the textured row is exactly the same sequence for each of the 3 rows. So there are no new stitch sequences to learn. Simple.


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Butterfly Kisses

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