Funny and Fast! Mitts for adults and children (Bath or Dusting)

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Versatile Kid-Sized Gloves for Bathing and Powdering

Introducing these innovative children's mitts that offer incredible versatility as a bath mitt and powder mitt!

Made with great care, the author of this pattern has chosen 100% cotton as the ideal material for these gloves. Its soft and delicate texture guarantees a comfortable experience for the little ones, whether they are playing, bathing or powdering.

For the bath time routine, these mitts can be used to gently cleanse and massage your child's body. The size of the glove makes it easy to handle.

To add an extra touch of charm, you can even go for a design with adorable ears. Following the pattern used for adult-sized gloves, these ears can be included as a charming addition, giving the glove a playful and whimsical look.

If you intend to only use the glove for gaming, you have the option to further enhance its appeal by adding safety eyes.

These cute and safe embellishments add to the charm of the glove, creating an exciting accessory for your child's imaginative adventures.

On the other hand, if the glove is primarily intended for dusting or showering, we recommend leaving the ears and safety eyes out. This ensures practicality and makes the glove more suitable for its intended use.

Please note that when the glove is used for bathing, it is important to include it in your regular washing routine. This ensures correct hygiene and cleanliness, safeguarding the health and well-being of your child.

Watch carefully the video that we share below to make this incredible project!

Images and pattern courtesy of Heart Hook Home

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Crochet

Source: Heart Hook Home

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