Gorgeous Granny Square Baby Blanket For Beginners

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Granny Square Baby Blanket

Learn how to make a beautiful and unique granny square baby blanket which is also lovely, soft and made in colors that work so well with each other.

This step by a step video tutorial, courtesy of WoolyWondersCrochet will show you how to crochet a cute granny square baby blanket.

This blanket can be made in any size and is a suitable project for beginners.

There are 5 different square patterns used to make this gorgeous crochet blanket. The way all these squares are arranged to create this blanket is simply gorgeous.

DIY tutorial on how to make your own Granny Square-style blanket to have the bedrooms of the kids in the house up to date or make a sofa blanket to keep you warm on those Sunday afternoons with popcorn and a movie.

A granny square is a square piece of fabric crocheted, working in rounds from the center out.

Although there is no theoretical limit to the maximum size of each small square, it is common to create several small squares (called "patterns") and join the pieces together to make the blanket (although a blanket could also be woven from a single giant square).

Although there are many variations of the motif, the traditional one is a double crochet square made with a series of chains and half double crochet.

There will be only three laps, we must continue with the same pattern two more laps until completing the 5 laps with the 5 different colors.

You will need about 100 granny squares to complete a small sofa or bed blanket, 20 for each color.

Although like this, suddenly, it may not end in the life of making squares, I assure you that little by little the little piles are growing.

Although it may not seem like it, granny squares, even blankets made with this technique, are a great project for beginners because they can be done slowly, step by step.

The main thing in this type of project is to have patience and be constant to see them completed.

What we recommend is that you choose striking colors that combine with each other. You can even make a chart before you start crocheting the blanket.

There are some apps where you can even add the colors you want to use and the app will throw you the possible combinations.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial Crochet Baby Blanket

Source: WoolyWondersCrochet

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