How to Crochet a Magic Ring with Chain Method

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How to Crochet a Magic Ring with Chain Method

Here is a video about How to Crochet in the Round:

Starting Methods: Magic Ring, Chain Method

In this video tutorial, you will learn everything you need to know to make the magic ring.

There are many different ways to demonstrate the technique, but this is our favorite method.
The magic ring is worked in two parts. First, make the adjustable loop.

Then, work whatever stitches your pattern calls for into that adjustable loop.

We'd love to start almost all circular work with a slip-on, adjustable, or magic ring that looks perfectly closed and neat.

But sometimes it's a priority to make sure that the proyect won't open with use, and in that case the classic chain ring is the safest way to start, even if it doesn't look so good sometimes.

An intermediate option is to use a double magic ring, which is slightly more secure than the single one. Particularly I double all my magic rings.

In cases of a large center hole, we do not hesitate to start with a ring of chains.

However, it is not the only option: we can also do it with a multi-turn ring.

This ring also gives volume to our beginning and turns out to be an interesting effect for certain projects.

Start on a Chain

In this case there is actually no ring, but we knit all the stitches in the first chain.

This way of working is sometimes better than a magic ring, although other times it can also present problems, such as the chain-ring being too small to crochet all the stitches or that it stretches too much and presents a hole larger than expected. wanted.

In these cases, let's remember the alternative of the adjustable knot to adapt its size.

Start without ring

We are not sure of the name of this technique. Although they taught it to us many years ago; we saw it in a magazine that I don't know why we couldn't get it; perhaps they had lent it.

There are no references on the web, being a simple and useful technique, I do not quite understand why it is not used more frequently.

For me it is very practical and it has helped me to recreate other techniques that use an excess of chains, such as the continuous crochet that we will see later.

It works for all points. We use it mainly with double crochet, and in some of my patterns we call it treble crochet without base ring (pasab).

It is about starting with a foot stitch, to which we add an additional loop that we will use as a ring.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Crochet Tips and Tricks

Source: B.Hooked Crochet & Knitting

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