How to Make a Pom Pom Snowman

I’ve got a fun and easy holiday tutorial for you!  See how I made this easy DIY Pom Pom Snowman!


  1. 3 sizes of pom poms large to small (Click here To Buy it)
  2. Platform – I used a birch round but you could stack some cardboard and paint or cover it for an inexpensive option
  3. dowel or chopstick to fortify snowman
  4. accessories for face features, buttons or crocheted pieces are great.
  5. hot glue gun
  6. ribbon or buttons for body


Make pom poms in 3 different sizes
hot glue the largest one on the platform
insert chopstick or dowel into the center and glue in place
Place medium size through the chopstick and then again with the small pom pom

gather supplies for face and hot glue in place
I made a slouchy beanie for my snowman and glued that in place as well.
Attach any other accessories to make your snowman come to life.

DIY Pom Pom Snowman beanie instructions

Use any desired yarn and coordinating hook

1st Round: Ch 4, slip stitch to first chain to form a circle

2nd Round: Ch 2, 3 dc in each space (4 spaces) 12 stitches total. Slip Stitch at the end of the round

3rd Round: Ch 2 (dc 2 times in first stitch, dc 1) repeat all the way around (2 dc, dc 1), slip stitch to finish the round. 18 Stitches total.

(continue increasing until you reach desired top diameter)

4th round: sc in each stitch all the way around until you reach the desired size.

Full Video Tutorial


Ok, That is all for now…

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