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The Modified Granny Daisy Square Pattern and its Inspiration

The modified granny daisy square pattern is a popular crochet design that is known for its simple yet stunning floral motif.

The inspiration for this pattern came from an afghan block called Flor de Julia from MoCrochet, which featured a daisy-like center that caught the attention of the pattern's creator.

Although Flor de Julia was grandma's biggest square, the creator was drawn to the unique design of the center, which resembled a flat daisy rather than a puffy and textured one.

After experimenting with different techniques and stitch patterns, the modified granny daisy square pattern was born, featuring a flat and simple daisy design that could be easily incorporated into larger projects.

One of the advantages of the modified granny daisy square pattern is that it only requires three rounds, making it a quick and easy project for both beginners and experienced crocheters alike.

The final round of the square is the same as the classic granny square, allowing for seamless transitions between the two designs in a larger project.

Another benefit of the modified granny daisy square pattern is that the squares can be connected using the join-as-you-go technique, which creates a polished and professional finish to the project.

The creator of the pattern used this technique to create a beautiful daisy pillow that showcased the unique floral design of the squares.

The modified granny daisy square pattern is a versatile and elegant crochet design that adds a touch of whimsy and charm to any project.

Whether used as a standalone design or combined with classic granny squares, this pattern is sure to be a favorite among crochet enthusiasts.

Images and pattern courtesy of You Should Craft

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Source: You Should Craft

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