Super EASY Pastel Rainbow BABY BLANKET!

Super EASY Pastel Rainbow BABY BLANKET!

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Cozy Comfort in Pastel Hues: Crochet the Stunning Pastel Rainbow Baby Blanket

When it comes to keeping little babies snug and warm, nothing compares to a beautifully crafted blanket.

In the case of the Pastel Rainbow Baby Blanket, measuring a generous 36 x 36 inches, you can guarantee that any precious bundle of joy will remain cozy and content in this fabulous crochet design.

Created using the timeless single crochet stitch and five coordinating crochet colors, this blanket is both visually stunning and delightfully simple to make.

The Pastel Rainbow Baby Blanket showcases a charming zig-zag effect, achieved effortlessly through the ripple stitch.

Despite its intricate appearance, the ripple stitch is surprisingly easy to master, making this blanket an ideal project for beginners.

If you're just starting your crochet journey or looking to expand your repertoire with a new stitch, this pattern is the perfect opportunity to hone your skills while creating a cherished item.

Crafting this baby blanket allows you to explore the interplay of color and texture.

The use of five coordinating pastel hues creates a harmonious and soothing color palette, reminiscent of a gentle rainbow.

Each stitch adds depth and dimension to the blanket, resulting in a visually captivating piece that will be cherished for years to come.

With the generous dimensions of 36 x 36 inches, this baby blanket offers ample coverage for a little one.

Whether it's for swaddling, tummy time, or cuddling, this cozy creation will be a constant source of comfort.

The softness of the yarn paired with the love poured into every stitch ensures that this blanket not only provides physical warmth but also wraps the baby in a warm embrace of handmade affection.

As you work on this easy crochet pattern, you'll find joy in the rhythmic repetition of the single crochet stitch, allowing your hands to create a comforting masterpiece.

The simplicity of the pattern offers a relaxing and meditative experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the gentle art of crochet.

With each stitch, you'll witness the blanket grow, envisioning the warmth and happiness it will bring to its tiny recipient.

Your little one will be warm, cozy, and stylish in this gorgeous pastel baby blanket.

Crochet HookI/9 or 5.5 mm hook

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Crochet Gauge18 sts = 4” in pattern stitch. CHECK YOUR GAUGE. Use any size hook to obtain the gauge.

Finished SizeBlanket measures 36” x 36”

Materials List

  • RED HEART® “Soft Baby Steps®”:3 Balls 9600 White A, 1 Ball each 9505 Aqua B, 9620 Baby Green C, 9700 Baby Pink D, 9590 Lavender E
  • Crochet Hook: 5.5mm [US I-9].


  1. With A, ch 157.

  2. Row 1 (Right Side): Sc in 2nd ch from hook, skip next ch, * sc in next 4 ch, 3 sc in next ch, sc in next 4 ch **, skip next 2 ch; repeat from * to last 2 ch, end at **, skip next ch, sc in last ch – 156 sc.

  3. Row 2: Working in back loops only, ch 1, turn, sc in first sc, skip next sc, * sc in next 4 sc, 3 sc in next sc, sc in next 4 sc **, skip next 2 sc; repeat from * to last 2 sc, end at **, skip next sc, sc in last sc.

  4. Repeat Row 2 for pattern stitch, working * 2 rows with B, 2 rows with C, 2 rows with D, 2 rows with E; repeat from * twice more.

  5. Repeating Row 2, work 68 rows with A. * Work 2 rows with E, 2 rows with D, 2 rows with C, 2 rows with B; repeat from * twice more.

  6. Work 2 rows with A.

  7. Fasten off.

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Super EASY Pastel Rainbow BABY BLANKET!

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