How to Crochet The Beautiful Berry Stitch

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The Berry Stitch

Are you looking for a crochet stitch that provides lots of texture and a rustic and a bit messy look? I think you will love the Berry Stitch!

This stitch provides a nice thick texture but a little more rugged look than the cleaner-looking puff or popcorn stitch.

The Berry Stitch is a modification of single crochet and will be alternated with regular single crochet to create the scrunched-down texture.

This stitch repeat can be worked with any size yarn. Use the hook size recommend for whatever yarn you choose.

When you're a crocheter, ideas usually start with brainstorming with another crocheter and a stitch book.

Many love old sewing books, or any sewing book.

These classic books help us learn what are the classic crochet stitches.

It's the best way to make sure we're using the best, or most popular, name by which a particular item is known.

We come across the BERRY stitch in several of the books We own, so We are assuming this is the generally accepted name, so I call it the EVEN BERRY Crochet Blanket.

This point itself is quite simple.

It is a variation of a double crochet stitch with two stitches together.

All you have to do is make a loop, (YO) insert the hook into the designated space, YO, pull, YO and pull ONE loop on the hook.

Then YO, insert your hook into the same designated space again, YO, pull, YO and pull through all five loops on the hook. The point is complete.

Now, for BERRY STITCH to work, you have to put it in some sort of pattern.

Some books we consulted told you to close the berry stitch with a ch 1.

I don't have to do that in this pattern, but if you want that look, you can choose to do that.

The word EVEN comes from the fact that we will have them stack the fruit on top of each other evenly.

Enjoy The Crochet Video Tutorial

Source: Maggie Weldon

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