Amazing Crochet Leaf Stitch Cowl (With Buttons)

Crochet Leaf Stitch Cowl

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We think you will agree with us when we are saying that this crochet leaf stitch is absolutely stunning!

Such a beautiful crochet stitch that creates a great visual impact, so difficult not to become extremely “visible” and receive lots of compliments when wearing this cowl. Those leaves are so eye-catching! This amazing crochet leaf stitch cowl will make everyone ask, “where’d ya get that?”

Enjoy The Crochet Video Tutorial

Source: ABCuteCreations

There are more versions of the lovely crochet leaf stitch cowl, with or without buttons and you can choose to make the one that better suits your taste.

The pattern is much easier than you may think although it is an intermediate level pattern and you need to master some crochet techniques in order to be able to crochet this cowl.

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Crochet Leaf Stitch Cowl

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