Feng Shui Color Tips to Create a Beautiful Home (PART II)

Feng shui is the eastern practice of observing where things are going to create the healthiest and most beneficial flow of energy.

Using colors in your home based on how it responds to your energy is a crucial component of the process.

If you have a living room filled with rich, warm colors that sometimes leave you exhausted, soothe the heat with simple accessories like blue silk pillows, blue blown glass, and pumpkin-colored candles instead of red.

Sometimes a room just needs a little relief from the energy associated with the predominant colors.

Color is one of the easiest ways to apply feng shui principles in your home. It is also one of the most effective feng shui adjustments because humans are very visual.

Light and color are the essences of our vision, so why not use them to support and inspire what we want to cultivate in our lives?

We return with more suggestions on how to select colors for good feng shui.

Blue: calm, tranquility, peace (water element)

Blue is a magnificent color in feng shui. From pale blue to pale ocean blue to deep indigo blue, there are an endless variety of shades of blue that you can choose from for your home.

When it comes to feng shui, the color blue is great to use in the following Bagua feng shui areas of your home: East (Health), Southeast (Money), and North (Career).

Gray: clear, highlighted, neutral (a metallic element)

Gray is often treated as boring (matte gray!) Or as a fancy and sophisticated color. No matter what you think about it, the color gray can definitely bring the beautiful energy of feng shui to any space, as long as you choose wisely.

The Bagua feng shui areas that benefit the most from the energy of the color gray are West (Creativity), Northwest (Helpful People), and North (Career).

Purple: Royal, Mysterious, Noble (Fire Element)

Feng shui masters recommend a moderate use of the color purple. Because purple is a very high vibrating color, it might be best to bring it into your home with various decor items, from pillows to art, rather than wall colors.

The best feng shui spaces where you can freely use the intensity of purple are a healing room or a meditation space.

Pink: soft, calming, loving (fire element)

Pink is the universal color of love, making it a perfect feng shui color for calming energy in any space. The gentle and gentle vibrations of pink feng shui have a proven calming effect on a person's behavior.

You can have this beautiful color almost anywhere in your home, from your bedroom to your clothes.

Black: Unknown, Infinite, Absorbing (Water Element)

The feng shui color of deep water and universal void, the color black adds depth, strength, and definition to any space.

You can use it to bring stronger energy to any space, from the front entrance to the kitchen. Are there any restrictions on the use of black in feng shui? Yes, it is better not to use black color in your baby's room or on the ceiling of your room.

Brown: resistance, grounding, stability (wooden element)

Brown has become a popular feng shui option in recent years. It has a nourishing feng shui energy and is associated with all good things - delicious dark chocolate, gourmet coffee, and beautiful mahogany wood.

The feng shui areas that are most nourished by brown energy are the east (health), the southeast (money), and the south (fame).

We hope you enjoy watching this video about how colors affect Feng Shui:

Source: Louis Loh 羅一鳴
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