5 Airports with Yoga Rooms in the USA

What seemed fun a few years ago is now a genuine trend: Airports are embracing the popularity of yoga, offering special rooms where travelers can practice on the go. Since air travel is very stressful and yoga is a great way to relax, it makes perfect sense.

These international airports offer permanent yoga rooms (although some are in dedicated lounges, limiting access). Several other airports are experimenting with temporary yoga spaces and even teacher classes.

If you have a long layover somewhere, it's worth taking a minute to check the airport's website for the latest news on yoga availability.

San Francisco International Airport

SFO claims the airport's first yoga service. Their yoga room opened in Terminal 2 in January 2012 and offers a quiet, dimly lit space. Bring your own rug or use one of the common ones available in the room (be sure to sanitize before and after).

Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport

The DFW Yoga Studio has locations in Terminals B and E. These rooms also offer mats, although you may prefer to bring a lightweight travel mat or mat towel if you plan to use a public yoga space with high traffic. These yoga rooms also offer instructional videos for guided practice.

Chicago O'Hare International Airport and Midway Airport

The O'Hare Yoga Room opened in December 2013. It is located in Terminal 3, on the mezzanine floor of the roundabout. Rugs are provided as well as a video monitor displaying suggested poses and nature images. A similar yoga room opened in Lobby C at Midway Airport in September 2014.

Miami International Airport

Make your way to Miami Terminal H for a free designated yoga room where you can practice before a long-haul flight (note that you are outside the security checkpoint).

Burlington International Airport

The yoga room on the second floor of the Burlington, Vermont airport is sponsored by a local yoga studio, which may explain why it feels more like a yoga room than some of the other yoga spaces at the airport.

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