An Overview of Fitness Trends

It's hard to go a week without learning about the latest and greatest fitness revolution that has affected your neighborhood, your city after all, your entire country. Whether it's a new fitness app, a late-night infomercial with a new fitness routine, a celebrity endorsement for workouts, or a top 10 list featured on Facebook news, fitness trends are on everywhere and in a world obsessed with keeping up with the Joneses, it can be difficult to scour debris and planes to find the right training for you. The good news is that it is possible. All you need is a few tips to help you navigate the barrage of loud music and excited fitness instructors.

What are fitness trends?

"Fitness Trends" is a broad topic that covers almost everything related to fitness, be it a type of exercise, a piece of equipment, or a style of clothing. However, it is important to recognize that trends are not fads. Trends have a staying power that lasts far beyond the New Year's resolution craziness, which often lasts for years.

For example, Shake Weight is the perfect example of a fitness fad - it came and went like a flash in the pan. Jazzercise, on the other hand, is the perfect example of an enduring trend. Workout completely changed the landscape of the fitness industry in the 1980s, and while decades have passed and times have changed, it continues to thrive as a brand-name workout class today.

Most Popular Fitness Trends

The ever-changing landscape of fitness trends means that there is always something new on the horizon, while other popular workouts settle for long-term "classics" status. Some of the most popular trends of the first 20 years of the new millennium include:

  • Indoor cycling: group cycling classes such as SoulCycle, Flywheel and CYC
  • Bootcamps: Indoor and outdoor military-inspired group classes that focus on "back to basics" exercises such as push-ups and squats; popular examples include Barry's Bootcamp and Camp Gladiator
  • Cardio Dance: Any dance-inspired exercise designed to increase your heart rate, such as Jazzercise, Zumba, and Doonya.
  • Barbell Exercises: Any ballet-inspired exercise that focuses on balance, coordination, and core strength, incorporating a combination of exercises that go through a full range of motion and those that isolate and maintain challenging positions; popular examples include Physique 57, The Bar Method, Pure Barre, and Pop Physique
  • Interval Training:  Interval training is a comprehensive trend that is often incorporated into other workouts, including boot camps, online and app-based training, and indoor cycling; This style of training incorporates alternating high- and low-intensity exercise sessions to keep your heart rate high.
  • CrossFit: CrossFit and its imitators focus on incorporating high intensity functional exercise and heavy strength training into their core training programs; You can expect a "primary" training environment and a strong sense of community.

  • Yoga and Pilates Exercises: These enduring trends (yoga has been around for over 3000 years and Pilates since the 1950s) are kept up-to-date with an ever-changing approach to presentation. For example, you can try aerial yoga, Rage Yoga, or hip-hop. You can also change up your Pilates routine with a mat workout or a new Pilates Reformer approach with a Megaformer group class.
  • Functional Training: Functional training classes often incorporate specialized equipment or environments designed to improve balance, coordination, agility, and speed, while performing variations on traditional strength-training exercises. Perfect examples include TRX, sand fitness training, surf-inspired workouts, and BOSU workouts.
  • Stand Up Paddleboarding: Stand Up Paddleboarding, or SUP, is a water activity similar to surfing, but on a larger, more stable board, and has earned the title of "Trend" in its own right as classes and programs, including races. Yoga, aqua fit and paddleboarding classes are popping up across the country.
  • Boxing and Kickboxing: Boxing and kickboxing are trends that continue to reinvent themselves as group exercises; Popular examples include Tae Bo, 9Round, Title Boxing, and Amenzone Rebel.
  • Wearable Fitness Devices: As technology continues to dominate the world, it continues to infiltrate the fitness world with wearable devices that track everything from steps and heart rate to body fat percentage and hydration.
  • Online and App-Based Training: In an increasingly connected world, more entrepreneurs are turning to the internet to motivate and inspire the masses; Popular trends include fitness apps, social media workouts, and online training platforms and services.
  • Races and Events: Once upon a time, a 5K was big business, but today races and events are constantly pushing boundaries, looking for an edge to stand out.
  • While standard races will always remain popular, other trending events include triathlons, hurdles, themed races, rock climbing events, extreme distance races, and mixed sports races that incorporate non-traditional activities like skiing, kayaking, or skateboarding; A byproduct of the steeplechase trend is the rise of steeplechase gyms and, to some extent, parkour.
  • Fitness Travel: Busy schedules and a passion for exercise have spawned a boom in the fitness-related travel industry, which includes running or even traveling, fitness retreats, and fitness-based outings like running or biking.
  • Recovery from exercise: As more people participate in intense forms of exercise, the importance of rest and recovery is having its moment; Popular trends include foam and sleeping pads.
  • Sportswear and casual wear: yoga pants are everywhere and the main brands already offer their own line of sportswear; According to the NPD group, this new style of casual fashion that doubles as streetwear drove the increase in fashion sales in 2014.

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