Benefits of Half Squats

Learning to squat below parallel has benefits such as increasing active knee stability and reducing the risk of sports knee injuries, but only if done correctly; otherwise, injury may occur.

Working in a half squat during a consistent workout to increase your range of motion is advisable if you are unable to squat below parallel while maintaining proper form.

Intentional half squats can also help you overcome strength stagnations. If you have what is known as the "inflection point" in your squat technique, where it is much more difficult during the upper squat phase, training a half squat can help you increase your strength in this area, pushing you beyond your plateau.

Half squats are also a vital element of the push press exercise. If you want to improve that particular lift, working on your strength and the half squat technique is beneficial.

To do this, do an explosive movement when you reach the end of the half squat to return to the starting position.

Safety and precautions

Performing any type of squat in poor shape is a potential risk of injury, especially when weight is added.

Seek the advice of a personal trainer or other exercise specialist to correct form if you are concerned or need help getting started.

If you are squatting heavy and heavy, it is a good idea to have a spotter available and use a support that has safety bars in place in case you need to drop the weight.

You should also speak with a healthcare provider if you have suffered an injury or condition affecting your ankles, knees, legs, hips, or back to see if this exercise is right for you.

This exercise can strain your knees, even if you don't have a history of problems. Also, pay attention to your posture. A narrow stance will also put more pressure on your knees.

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