Benefits of Push Press

The push press is one of several weightlifting head pressure derivatives (WOPD) that has a long history of use in the sport of lifting. For years, the bench press was considered the gold standard by which an athlete's strength capacity was measured.

In recent years, the push press, which adds a lower body push to the bench press, has been adopted in CrossFit gyms and weightlifting rooms across the country as a more effective way to increase strength while improving speed, power and core strength for more effective athletic performance.

A 2019 study published in Sports Medicine identified several other ways the push press and other WOPDs offer benefits.

Reduced risk of injury

Learning the push press can help reduce the risk of injury while training and lifting weights. For many bodybuilding and CrossFit athletes, learning the push press is the precursor to a very similar movement called jerk, a key component of the widely used clean and jerk exercise.

According to various studies, jerk is considered one of the most complex and difficult skills of the modern era of weightlifting, and movement is the part of the clean and jerk that has the highest incidence of failure in powerlifters.

By establishing a solid foundation of alignment and strength with the push press, CrossFitters and other athletes can reduce the risk of injury.

Control and coordination of motors

The push press is identified to provide greater benefits than other WOPD exercises and is compared to other well-studied upper limb exercises to develop motor control and coordination.

The exercise requires the lifter to transmit force through the kinetic chain from the lower body to the upper extremities, creating a powerful stimulus to strengthen the upper and lower body muscles.

In addition, the movement requires motor control and coordination throughout the trunk and lower body muscles to stabilize and transmit standing forces.

Compared to the bench press, the push press is considered more applicable to athletic activities and explosive sports due to technical challenges that require speed, acceleration, timing, and coordination.

Improved energy development for sports

As the push press requires high levels of maximum strength and power and as the movements are mechanically similar to many tasks required in sports, exercise is considered a good stimulus for developing rapid force production, maximum strength and power. in sports activities, especially those that involve running, jumping, and changing direction. This can include basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and other sports.

In summary, when athletes learn to coordinate the extension of the ankles, knees and hips with speed and strength using the push press, they are better equipped to execute the movements on the ball court.

Additionally, other studies have suggested that strength movements such as the push press are important for developing core strength so that force can be transferred from the lower body to the upper body during sports such as soccer.

Research suggests that exercises like the plank put the body in a non-functional, static position and may be less effective.

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Source: Health and Nutrition

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