Does BodyBoss Work for Fitness and Fat Loss?

The BodyBoss program combines High Intensity Interval Workouts (HIIT) with meal plans and is designed to help users gain muscle, lose fat, and stay healthier.

While it may seem difficult to fit training into your daily schedule, "snack" exercises of as little as 20 seconds can improve health and fitness when performed multiple times a day. HIIT has been shown to be an option of time-saving exercises that can maximize fitness results compared to other types of exercise.

There are endless options for online fitness programs that use HIIT as a foundation to improve health and fitness, one of which is the BodyBoss method, which promises solid results in just 24 minutes three times a week.

What is the BodyBoss method?

BodyBoss Method is an online fitness and nutrition counseling company that primarily offers written exercise guides and diet plans.

There is also an app, and when you buy a show, it unlocks videos and other features for your show within the app. You can choose online-only access, print-only access, or hybrid access.

For example, you can choose the Ultimate Body Fitness Guide, which, according to the BodyBoss website, will allow you to "discover the power of HIIT to get results fast." This specific guide is a 12-week program with three four-week cycles that increase in intensity.

Many of the other programs are shorter, such as the 30-day Fit Challenge and the six-week Tone Guide. All BodyBoss fitness programs use a wide variety of exercise types, including bodyweight, plyometric, unilateral, resistance, cardio, and circuits.

How does BodyBoss work?

The BodyBoss method primarily uses HIIT training, with some underlying building blocks, all of which serve a single purpose, according to the BodyBoss website. This section examines the five main components of the BodyBoss fitness programs.

High intensity interval training

HIIT involves intense work breaks followed by rest breaks. This type of training can take many forms: speed sprints, cycling intervals, circuit training, many CrossFit exercises, and bodyweight resistance training can all be considered HIIT methods.

Either way, these bursts of intense anaerobic exercise are a time-efficient way to start your physical activity.

Bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight movements like squats and push-ups help you get stronger without equipment and with minimal space, making them ideal for people who like to exercise at home.

Although the level of resistance that bodyweight exercises provide is obviously limited (to your body weight), they can still improve your fitness and increase the strength of your major muscle groups.


Also called jump training, plyometrics focus on the explosion. Think: jump squats, palm crunches, burpees, and curve jumps. Plyometric movements can increase muscle strength, power, speed, and endurance.

According to the BodyBoss method, these movements can also "preserve and increase lean body mass while keeping muscles toned."

Unilateral exercises

Single-sided exercises work only on one side of the body at a time. Examples include one-legged squats, side planks, and one-arm rows.

BodyBoss includes one-sided exercises to help you discover and remedy any muscle imbalance, as well as increase your overall body awareness.

Progressive overload

The principle of progressive overload involves a gradual accumulation of stress in your body so that it continues to make positive physiological changes.

For example, you will not get stronger if you do not gradually increase the weight with which you perform the repetitions of an exercise or the number of repetitions that you perform with a given weight.


Upon entering the BodyBoss Method website, you will notice some very forceful statements such as "Exercise accelerates fat loss and improves fitness, as well as tones the body quickly" and "The BodyBoss Method makes your body become hyperactive to overload it Lose fat and speed up your metabolism. "

You will also notice that each of these statements has an asterisk (*). Scroll to the bottom of the site and you will see the disclaimer: “Results may vary. Strict adherence to our exercise guide is required for best results".

This is true for almost any exercise program, but it is worth checking that BodyBoss's claims are scientifically valid.

BodyBoss Fitness Programs

BodyBoss relies on hyperbole to highlight the benefits of its fitness programs, but the core components can certainly deliver results if you stick with a program.

In addition to improving fitness levels, HIIT can also reduce disease markers and help you gain some muscle mass, although the latter is more likely for people who were inactive before starting the program.

As for the BodyBoss fame, excessive oxygen consumption after exercise (EPOC), also known as "afterburn" or "Boss Effect," may be true: HIIT has been shown to increase resting energy expenditure by up to 24 hours after exercise.

Training, despite the short duration of exercise, in some cases leads to an increase in post-exercise oxygen consumption of up to 42%.

One study found that five weeks of HIIT exercise performed four days a week for 20 minutes each session improved oxygen consumption by 9%, about the same compared to a group that cycled continuously with moderate effort for 40 minutes, four days a week.

That HIIT exercises were much more effective than steady-state exercises.

BodyBoss Nutrition Guides

It is not mentioned whether the BodyBoss nutrition guides are written or endorsed by registered dietitians, who, according to federal law, are the only type of nutrition professional who can provide meal plans to address any health problem.

The BodyBoss Nutrition Guides are intended to serve as healthy eating guides for people who are already in good health, at least medically: if you have any kind of medical condition, such as diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease, I talked. with your doctor before purchasing a BodyBoss nutrition guide.

Based on the information BodyBoss provides on its website, nutrition programs appear to follow basic healthy eating guidelines outlined by the USDA.

Is the BodyBoss method safe?

The BodyBoss method is safe for anyone who is generally in good health and has a basic understanding of fitness and nutrition. You should speak with a doctor before purchasing a BodyBoss program (or any exercise program) if:

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Do you have any cardiovascular disease
  • Do you have an autoimmune disease?
  • Do you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes?
  • You have kidney disease
  • Do you have arthritis, osteoporosis, or other degenerative skeletal disease?
  • You are receiving cancer treatment or have recently completed cancer treatment.
  • Are you recovering from a sports injury or surgery?

Also, if you are a newbie to exercise, it is usually best to work with a fitness professional who can help you learn the proper form of exercise and teach you how to prevent injury or overtraining syndrome.

If you are interested in a BodyBoss nutrition guide, you should first check with your doctor if:

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Do you have a digestive disorder or disease?
  • Do you have severe food allergies or intolerances?
  • Do you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes?
  • Have had or are managing an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating.

Working with a registered dietitian is always the best way to get nutritional advice and meal plans, but a BodyBoss program can work for people who do not have specific illnesses or allergies that limit their dietary options. Also note that the BodyBoss nutrition guides do not follow any diet, so they may not work for you if you are on a vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo, or other diet.

BodyBoss Workout Sample

HIIT workouts involve intense bouts of exercise followed by a rest interval. BodyBoss exercises specifically include a combination of cardio, plyometrics, unilateral, and bodyweight exercises.

An example of this type of HIIT training looks like this:

Four rounds total, 30 seconds of each movement, 30 seconds rest between each movement. Rest a full minute between rounds.

  • high knees
  • the mountaineers
  • Alternate pulse
  • Belching
  • Board shoulder tap

If completed as described, this exercise would take 24 minutes (five minutes for each round, plus one minute of rest after each round, or a total of six minutes per round).

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