Don't Make Common Weight Lifting Mistakes

Now you can get to know the importance of training in strength. It is mandatory when it comes to keeping yourself sane and fuerte. Lifting weight adds muscle to your body, which will help speed up your metabolism and keep you in shape.

Furthermore, without embargo, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) lists other benefits of regular health training, such as fewer symptoms of arthritis, diabetes and osteoporosis, as well as fewer chances of obesity, back pain and depression.

Then, presumably, he is doing it, at least he wants to start! But here is something crucial that you must remember: you must do it bien. The proper strength training technique is essential if you really want to see all the benefits.

For example, 10 slow and controlled biceps curls with handgrips are more effective than 50 straight curls with arms balancing each other back and forth.

We find a look at the errors in lifting common weights that observe the trainers everywhere and discover the simple solutions that can make the training of strength that will help you to see results and keep yourself free of pain.

Head fallen During Flexion

What is the problem? While performing a flexion, the back falls and / or the head falls with adelante. Lower your head and put pressure on the cervical column and make you think you're getting lower than you really are.

What is the solution? Make sure that there are flexions of the casters or the feet, keep the abdominals, the nostrils and the muscles tense and keep the eyes fixed in the oil in front of the yokes of the fingers. The codos must be fired diagonally behind. It will surprise you to know how many bad flexions you can do.

Weak Core

What is the problem? A weak core during thrusts increases the weight of the knees. A weak core during squats puts pressure on your lower back. A weak core during abs means you won't be able to get up so you can see why you want to avoid it! Most injuries in a gym can be attributed to a weak core.

When the core is not engaged, the pressure of the weight goes to the knees, hips, or shoulders, depending on what you are doing. This leads to injury and also prevents you from seeing the kind of results that you want.

What is the solution? In all exercises (from lunges and squats to bench presses and push-ups), keeping your core engaged is vital. Imagine that you just put on some skinny jeans and you have to tuck in your stomach to be able to zip up. That's the kind of core commitment you need.

Bad lunges

What is the problem? During lunges, the legs are too close together, the knee is extended over the foot, or the back leg remains straight instead of bending the knee. This puts pressure on the kneecap and causes injury. You also avoid the full range of motion and therefore your glutes are not engaged.

What is the solution? Proper movements are crucial! When lowering for a lunge, the front knee should end directly over the front ankle. As you lower yourself, your back knee should bend and come closer to the ground. When returning to the starting position, place most of your weight on your front heel.

Improper spinal alignment

What is the problem? Bend or lean on your toes during squats and lunges. This puts pressure on the knees and spine and prevents glute activation.

What is the solution? Keep your eyes forward, abs tight, shoulders on hips, and weight on heels when squatting or lunging.

Wrinkled shoulders

What is the problem? When performing any pressure work above the head or upper body, including push-ups, the shoulders are lifted and squeezed towards the neck. This creates tension and pinches the nerves in the neck and shoulders, which can cause tension headaches and poor posture. Plus, you're losing crucial upper back and torso strength right where you want it.

What is the solution? During any strength training, keep your shoulder blades down and back. Imagine slipping your shoulder blades into your back pockets.

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Source: Jeff Nippard

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