Exercise for Perfect Legs

The lateral push forces you to work in the frontal plane of movement, where your body moves laterally (from side to side), activating the muscles that stabilize your hips. Most lower body exercises only use movement in the sagittal planes (forward and backward) or midline (up and down).

To prepare for this exercise, stand with your feet together. Make sure you have several meters of space on the left and right sides.

Side lunge

Take a big step, launching yourself to the right side with your right foot. The right knee will bend deeply to accommodate the thrust and the hips will drop back.

Keep your left leg straight, foot firmly on the ground. The upper body remains high and the chest remains open.

Pushing off your right foot, lift your body and return to the starting position with your feet together.

Repeat on the left side, stepping to the side with your left foot.

Do 10 to 12 reps, alternating sides.

For ease of movement: take a smaller step and don't dive too deep.

To make the move more difficult: Increase the weight by placing a kettlebell or dumbbell in your hands and hold it firmly at chest level as you lunge from side to side.


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