How Being at Home More Can Change Your Relationship With Food

Whether you're still working from home or in the office, your diet will likely look a little different now than it did before the pandemic. Research shows that this is a trend, for better or for worse in some cases.

There are some parallels in eating behavior research on how relationships with food have changed globally. Let's take a closer look at these changes, and then dive into expert-recommended solutions.

Changes in household eating behavior

An April 2020 survey by the International Food Information Council (IFIC) revealed that 80% of Americans have changed their eating habits since the lockdown began in March 2020.

Increase in snacks

Of the 1,000 respondents who responded to the survey, 41% of those under 35, as well as adults with children, noticed an increase in snacking before and during the block.

Think more about diet among women

The results revealed other gender differences among the panelists. People who identified themselves as female reported having more intense thoughts about food and found themselves eating more frequently than their male counterparts.

Greater use of technology for the benefit of health

The survey also found that one in five Americans (about 18%) uses a tracking device or health app to help track diet and / or activity. Of the participants who used these devices, 66% noticed a positive change in health that they would not have otherwise achieved.

Global changes in eating behavior

A survey published in the June 2020 issue of Nutrients analyzed the responses of female participants to an online survey that raised questions related to their physical activity and eating behavior since the pandemic lockdown spread globally.

Most of the responses came from Europe, Africa and Asia, and only 3% of the panelists came from "Other" countries.

Increased disordered eating behaviors

Although the survey did not clearly specify whether eating disorders or disordered eating patterns were observed in these women, a smaller survey was conducted in Portugal to obtain information on how the pandemic affected eating disorders in women.

The survey revealed that female participants experienced an increase in skipping meals (52.8%), grazing feeding behavior (80.9%), overeating (81.0%), loss of control over eating (47 , 2%) and binge eating episodes (39.2%). ) during lockout.

More snacks, especially less nutrient-dense foods

What the survey responses revealed was that the women noticed a decrease in what they considered "healthy eating behaviors." It is important to note that the women felt that, from the onset of the blockage, they experienced an increase in food consumption, noting that they were consuming less nutrient-dense foods and, at the same time, consuming meals and snacks more frequently.

Greater need for stress management, specifically for women.

Similar to the results for women in the IFIC survey, these surveys clearly indicate that there is a need for more personalized interventions targeting women to help them psychologically manage the stressors of the past year on their own health and eating behaviors.

A word from Verywell

Global hurdles have caused people around the world to figure out their own eating habits, as eating at home was the norm for many last year. Whether the concept of intuitive eating, intermittent fasting, or another form of eating has sparked interest in your home, the most important thing the professionals advise is to find what works for you and take advantage of it.

If you or someone you know has developed eating disorders as a result of pandemic stress, professionals encourage you to seek help with your problem. Consider working with a registered dietitian to help you identify the best plan for you so that you can feel healthier in the future.

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Source: Nutrition Stripped

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