How hot is a hot yoga class of Hot Yoga?

A popular style of yoga class, hot yoga is essentially a regular yoga exercise in a hot and sometimes humid room. The different types of hot yoga classes range in temperature from 90 degrees F to 108 degrees F, with different levels of humidity.

Some hot yoga studios have state-of-the-art radiant heat, while others simply add some space heaters. Some also control the humidity in the room, with higher humidity resulting in an even sweatier experience. Each of these factors will affect the actual heat in the room.

Many who enjoy this kind of sweat say that the extra heat improves flexibility for a better stretch, clears pores, and provides a more rigorous workout.

Some believe that heat increases metabolism, accelerates weight loss, and detoxifies the body. However, a study published in 2018 found that hot or heated yoga offers no additional health benefits over traditional yoga.

Before taking a hot yoga class, it's a good idea to check with your doctor to make sure it's an activity that's right for you. Hot yoga can increase core body temperature and cause dehydration or heat exhaustion. Make sure you drink plenty of water before, during, and after a hot yoga class.

Here's a heat index for six of the most popular styles.


The best known type of hot yoga is Bikram, the original hot yoga class, in which the studios are heated to 105 degrees F with 40% humidity.

Created by Bikram Choudhury in the 1970s, Bikram Yoga is a 90-minute class that goes through a series of 26 poses, always in the same order. Specific training is often imitated. Classes using the Bikram sequence also raise the temperature to about 105 degrees F.

Baptiste Power Vinyasa

Based in Boston and affiliated studios in more than 20 US states, Baptiste Power Vinyasa Studios teaches Baron Baptiste-style hot flow yoga. The studios are heated to approximately 95 degrees F to facilitate stretching.

CorePower Yoga

Popular studio chain CorePower Yoga has many different classes on its menu, each with its preferred temperature. The CorePower Yoga 2 (C2) class, a hot flow class for all levels, takes place in a room maintained between 93 and 98 degrees F. Your Hot Yoga class includes 26 poses in a 105 degree F room , similar to Bikram.

Yoga Evolution

This rapidly expanding style, co-founded by former senior Bikram instructor Mark Drost, has studies in the US, South America, and Australia, with additional affiliates in Europe and Asia.

Evolution teaches the Bikram sequence under the moniker Primary Hot Series at 105 degrees F. Their other offerings range in temperature from 75 to 90 degrees F.

Yoga for people

This rapidly expanding chain of donation studios with East and West Coastal locations settled a Bikram copyright infringement lawsuit out of court, and agreed to stop teaching the Bikram series. Yoga to the People studios now offer traditional Hot Yoga classes from 105 to 108 degrees F.

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