How to Create Your Own Weight Loss Plan

When trying to lose weight, many people expect to follow an eating plan with many rules.

Even if you choose a weight loss program that allows you to eat whatever you want, you will still have to follow the guidelines and restrictions.

But wouldn't it be better if you could set your own limits? You can reach a healthy weight without following someone else's program. A program that creates your own rules can be more attractive and effective.

When you set it up yourself, you can be more motivated to stick with the plan long enough to reach and maintain your ideal weight.

Set your own rules

If you don't respond well to other people's dietary rules, make your own. The process may take longer than signing up for a program on a website, but you can invest more in a custom program that you develop.

Tara Stiles is the author of the book Make Your Own Rules Diet and Make Your Own Rules Cookbook. She says that when you feel like yourself, you can't help but become your best caregiver:

"Diets belong to someone else, not you. Start with your own feelings. Experiment. Try things. See what works for you and set your own eating rules. And wait for things to change."

She suggests that counting calories is a rule you might want to eliminate.4 "They say we should count calories, but for most of us, this is a good rule to let go.

This is true in part because not all calories are the same. "She suggests eating as many real whole foods as you can, including many things that grow on the ground." Focus on how you feel and respond to that. "


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