How to Do Revolved Side Angle Pose

Sanskrit names for turns, or upward poses, have the word parivrta in front of them. In a classic extended lateral angle pose (utthita parsvakonasana), if the right foot is forward, the right hand is forward as well.

In the turned lateral angle, when the right foot is forward, it is the left hand that accompanies it. This changes the direction of your spin, which is where the turned part comes in.

This pose is part of the primary Ashtanga Yoga series and is seen in other styles as well.


This pose strengthens and stretches your legs, groin, hamstrings, and even lungs. It also opens the chest and shoulders.

Rotating poses are traditionally believed to help stimulate the organs and promote good circulation and range of motion. Many people find that these poses help relieve stress and can help reduce back pain.

Step by step instructions

From downward dog, bring your left foot forward into your left hand. The toes should line up with the toes.

Your leg should be bent at a 90 degree angle with your thigh parallel to the floor. The knee is stacked above the heel with the foot facing forward.

Rotate the sole of your right foot to drop your right heel to the floor.

Place your right hand on the outside of your left foot, allowing your right shoulder to rest on the outside of your left knee. If possible, place your hand flat on the floor with the palm of your hand in line with the heel of your left foot.

Pull your navel toward your spine while turning your torso toward your left knee, opening your chest, and placing your right shoulder over your left.

Raise your left arm toward the ceiling. Bring your gaze to your left hand.

Stay in the twist for three to five breaths. Back up to Downward Dog, then stand with your right foot forward.


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