How to Do Scale Pose (Tolasana) in Yoga

For well-acquainted yogis, you may be familiar with the scale pose, which is Tolasana in Sanskrit, the original language of yoga. This pose is one of the main movements of the Ashtanga Yoga series, in which each pose (asana) connects in a synchronized flow (vinyasa).

Although Ashtanga Yoga is suitable for all levels, some postures are reserved for those most versed in the practice. Scale Pose is an example.

"As it requires a lot of strength, balance and concentration, this pose is best suited for intermediate yogis," explains Bianca Kamhi, yoga instructor and founder of Living With Bianca. But with perseverance, Tolasana gives you the freedom to balance on the ground like a scale, bringing a sense of serenity to your body and around you.

Step by step instructions

Next, Kamhi explains how to perfect her scale pose.

She crosses her legs and enters the lotus pose. If you are a beginner, place the yoga blocks on the sides and sit cross-legged in a comfortable position.

Place your palms on the mat (or blocks) near your hips, with your fingers wide apart and pointing forward. Inhale and exhale deeply.

Press your hands firmly against the floor and stretch your arms as you lift your torso and legs off the floor.

Contract your core muscles and use your thighs to help lift your knees. Your hands should be the only part of your body that touches the floor while balancing the weight of your entire body.

Try to hold the position for about 15 to 20 seconds, before lowering your legs as you exhale.

When you're ready, cross your legs to the other side and repeat the pose with the same steps.


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