How To Easily Work Out Without Going To The Gym

Part of winning the battle by adding movement to your routine involves thinking about things or planning ahead. To set yourself up for success, use these tips to make your movements more continuous and natural.

Create opportunities 

Find creative ways to take more walks throughout the day. Have a note that you need to send to a coworker? Get up and walk there instead of relying on messages or email.

Bring a small bottle of water to work and fill it up as soon as it is empty. Park even more in the parking lot to increase your steps to and from the building.

And go for a walk to get your lunch instead of having it delivered to the office. Small trips like these will add substantial steps throughout the day.

Schedule: Schedule your breaks, lunch workouts, and movement throughout the day and stick to them.

Wear comfortable shoes: Wear or bring shoes that are comfortable and suitable for moving easily to increase your motivation and desire to move more.

Keep Basic Training Equipment Nearby - If you keep your training equipment in sight, you are more likely to use it.

Using an exercise ball or balance disk are also great options for increasing NEAT.

Wear headphones for calls - Walking during calls is much easier and better for your posture when you use a headset.

Add a comfortable floor: If you plan to stand at your desk, you may want to invest in a padded rug for extra comfort.

Find a Workout Partner - Social support can increase your motivation and responsibility to stick with your movement plans. Find someone to join you on your lunchtime walks.


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