How To Make The Half Lotus

Anyone new to yoga or experiencing body stiffness should start with Sukasana, known as "Easy Posture." Here, you just sit cross-legged.

Half lotus

The next advance is to master the half lotus (Ardha Padmasana), the basis of the scale pose. At its heart, Lotus is the national (and terrifying) flower of India, symbolizing purity and beauty, among other things. Therefore, this meditative pose has the potential to have powerful calming effects on the mind and body, as highlighted by many yoga studies.

Half Lotus is a popular yoga asana that requires you to place one foot on top of the opposite calf, keeping the sole of the foot pointing upward. The goal is to relax the foot at the hips.

In a cross-legged position, the other knee should be bent with the shin resting on the floor. Take a minute or two to focus on your breathing. Then switch sides to balance your body.

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Source:Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver


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