Meal Timing for Weight Management

If you are trying to lose weight and follow a calorie controlled diet, scheduling your food intake may have additional benefits. In fact, research has suggested that scheduling your food intake to eat more in the morning can provide a little boost to your results.

A 2013 study of 93 sedentary overweight and obese women with metabolic syndrome found that the frontal calorie load of eating a larger breakfast, followed by a smaller dinner, was more effective for losing weight than doing the opposite (eating a breakfast smaller and larger dinner).

The women who participated in the study consumed 1,400 calories a day and maintained a sedentary lifestyle during the study period. The study authors concluded that "high-calorie breakfast with reduced dinner intake is beneficial and may be a useful alternative to control obesity and metabolic syndrome."

Echols has also seen benefits with its weight loss clients who use mealtime. She says creating a specific meal and snack schedule for her clients provides the guidance they need to be successful.

β€œHaving the structure of an eating plan makes eating a lot less stressful. [Customers] not only know when to eat, but also how much and what kinds of foods to eat to get the right balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates. "

Echols adds that there is no one perfect mealtime for everyone. Your perfect meal schedule may be unique to you. "It depends on the individual and many additional factors," she says. Factors that may come into play include your level of physical activity, the type of exercise you do, the length of your physical activity, and even genetics.

Important considerations

Control of specific nutrients has the potential to provide benefits for weight loss and athletic performance. However, these benefits are probably minimal for the average person. If your goal is to lose weight, eating certain foods at specific times will not compensate for an unbalanced or high-calorie diet.

If your goal is to improve athletic performance, nutrient distribution cannot replace a consistent and well-designed training program, but it can be beneficial. In summary, mealtime helps to adjust nutrition, but it is not a substitute for a balanced diet and exercise plan.


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Source:Demystifying Medicine


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