Why Eating in Bed Is Not Recommended

Eating in bed can seem like a harmless pleasure. And an occasional breakfast tray of fruit and pancakes on a lazy Sunday or a bowl of ice cream while watching a movie in bed isn't necessarily a problem.

However, there are many reasons why it is not recommended to eat regularly in bed. In fact, while to some this eating practice may seem like the ultimate luxury, it can contribute to a variety of unwanted adverse outcomes, including an unhealthy relationship with food, sleep disturbances, poor hygiene, and extra housework.

Learn more about why eating in bed isn't always the healthiest option and how to break the cycle if indulgence becomes a habit.


For much of human history, eating in bed has been relegated to those who have the resources to rest in bed with meals (and perhaps, with servants who bring meals to them) or the sick. Most people needed to get up and work and / or eat with their families, usually at a common table.

Today, many meals are eaten on the go, which is why the idea of ​​eating in bed often sparks significant fascination, at least in abstract form.

That said, in practice, eating in bed can lead to a number of problems. Also, having a snack or meal in bed every now and then can quickly become a regular habit, which can make good sleep and other healthy lifestyle practices difficult.

Eating in bed decreases comfort

Yes, eating in bed seems like a great idea. You may find yourself curled up in your bed, with your legs under a soft blanket, your back against a pile of soft, comfortable pillows, with a plate of tasty food on your lap. Perhaps you are watching a show with your partner and / or children, each snuggled next to each other on a large bed. It sounds idyllic, perhaps magical, but this imaginary comfort often doesn't hold up in real life.

Consider what happens when a person takes his drink, has to get up to go to the bathroom, accidentally nudges him on the plate, and / or his pet jumps onto the bed, causing everything to flip over.

How about when someone has a festive idea to pop popcorn, grab a bag of fries, or order burgers and fries for delivery? Now you have ketchup on the duvet, milk on the pillow, and crumbs everywhere.

Eating in bed reduces cleanliness

Yes, crumbs are everywhere; No matter how diligently you use the napkins, be careful to eat carefully or try to sweep them off the sheets. They will take time, causing you to have to sleep on a sandy surface or change the sheets, and who needs more chores?

Additionally, the decision to bring food into the bedroom also attracts the potential for pests. Ants, cockroaches, and rodents are attracted to bits of food that will inevitably settle on your bed and perhaps on the floor and bedside table.

You can also end up leaving dirty dishes in your room, leaving it cluttered and increasing your attraction to pests. Over time, this practice can become unsanitary if it becomes common.

Eating in bed results in poor sleep hygiene

Combine crumb-laden sheets with a messy room and odd-hour eating, and you've got a recipe for potential sleep disruptions. Obviously, the physical discomfort of dirty sheets can interfere with a good night's sleep.

But what may be less obvious is that a cluttered room (for example, spilled stains on the duvet, half-eaten meals on the side table, or an empty pizza box in the corner of the bed) can make it difficult to get a good night's sleep. .

In fact, although research is limited, some studies show that uncomfortable sleeping surfaces and distractions in the sleep environment (due to factors such as dirt or unpleasant odors) can cause sleep problems.

Other studies indicate that, for many people, getting enough sleep is closely related to maintaining positive sleep habits, such as limiting activities beyond sleep in the bedroom and maintaining a clean and comfortable bedroom.

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Source: Health Nucleus


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