Why the Viral ‘Ab Dance’ May Harm TikTok Users

Dancing is generally fun, effortless, and spontaneous for most, so those looking for a new easy fitness routine are surprised to learn that it can be a great way to get their heart beat faster.

But a new TikTok trend that has gone viral may lead users to believe that a certain dance move can magically help you build muscle and lose belly fat at the same time.

The "belly dance" routine that works its way through the platform isn't a silver bullet for weight management goals at all, and it can even end up leaving you hurt and discouraged.

Many users of the platform posted videos of the routine using hashtags such as #abs #dance and #abdanceworkout. Our friends at Cosmopolitan point out that the trend likely originated with user @ Janny14906, who has attracted over 3.5 million followers and shares a large number of cardio moves. You can see the most popular ab dance posts on the account here.

These clips and others generated millions of likes by demonstrating abdominal and pelvic dance, which basically asks participants to tilt their pelvis back and forth quickly.

In the process, the workout "flexes" your abdomen as many times as you can, in a 10-minute period, twice a day.

Stefani Sassos, MS, RD, CDN, a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer at the Good Housekeeping Institute, explains that performing this pelvic movement repeatedly can put you at serious risk of injury, especially if she is using it incorrectly.

"This particular move can cause significant low back pain and injury if done incorrectly. It's essentially a localized reduction," explains Sassos, adding that this comprehensive fitness trend has shown the ugly side of her elsewhere.

"Focusing on these small muscles while neglecting the rest of the body, as well as a comprehensive training program, only increases the risk of long-term injury."

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And while some may simply incorporate this form of exercise into their existing abs routine, there is evidence that TikTok users can turn to this "tummy dance" routine on their own.

NBC's Today show featured a woman who challenged herself for 30 days to do the belly dance routine for at least 20 minutes; she claims to have lost 40 pounds in that time without any other form of exercise (albeit while she was trying a new diet plan and other measures).

Many of the most watched "ab dance" videos on TikTok contain subtitles such as "Dance to lose weight" and "Do this action with music to burn calories."

But those interested in finding solutions to start weight management shouldn't just consider this effective dance routine. "When it comes to weight management, a well-balanced diet and adequate hydration are ultimately of the utmost importance," says Sassos.

It is unclear how many people have adopted the TikTok routine on a daily basis, but it is likely that doing this exercise without any other lifestyle changes or without speaking to a healthcare professional first can result in injury, even if it is just a bump. emotional.

Putting words like "slim" into the mix when talking about fitness is counterproductive, as adopting an exercise routine has much more to do with holistic health than just weight. "Good health isn't about being 'skinny' and it's not just about eating or exercising alone," she adds.

If you are interested in dancing as a form of exercise, or have tried this particular TikTok "ab dance" routine to no avail, don't be discouraged: dancing might be the easiest (or what fitness experts call "low impact ") ways to make your heart beat faster these days.

What is the correct way to dance during training?

Sassos emphasizes that dance routines put on by trained and certified professionals can challenge you without putting you at risk of injury.

A really good dance routine is a fun, spontaneous way to do a full-body workout that develops your sense of coordination and balance, she adds. "In addition, it can provide aerobic and anaerobic movements" or routines of high intensity but of short duration.

If you're determined to incorporate a similar pelvic core into your current routine, Sassos emphasizes the importance of training, keeping your spine neutral.

Many other exercises can target the same muscles in question without risking injury: "Even movements as simple as getting out of bed use the core muscles."

Whichever way you choose to incorporate dancing into your life, it is always best to start slowly before attempting rigorous dance moves for long periods of time.

"As with any form of physical activity, it's important to slow down your routine and hers, and focus primarily on your fitness," advises Sassos. "

It can be easy with loud, energetic music to start moving faster and sacrifice form, so it's important to work on the basics before progressing."


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