Eggshells Calcium Fertilizer for Orchid

Eggshells Orchids

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Using Eggshells on Your Orchids

You can use your eggshells as a natural mulch for your plants. Eggshells are rich in calcium, carbon, and protein and add nitrogen to the soil.

They also contain the essential nutrients that plants need to grow. Apart from that, they increase soil acidity, and this is great for acid-loving plants like orchids.

This makes them a good option for mulching, and you can use them in their crushed form or grind them. Then, spread them on the soil and parts that are bare and do not receive any kind of shade or shelter.

You can use this easily on orchids without any fear that there may be repercussions on your plant’s health.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Orchids

Source: iKnow

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Eggshells Orchids

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