How to Save an Orchid with Root Rot

Root rot—a notorious orchid disease that can quickly turn your vibrant blooms into a wilted nightmare. But fear not!

We're here to equip you with a simple yet powerful method to save your beloved orchid from the clutches of this menacing affliction.

First things first: you must learn to identify the problem. Watch in dismay as the once-luscious leaves turn yellow, wither, and ultimately succumb to a sorrowful shade of brown.

These are the harbingers of root rot, indicating that the very foundation of your plant is in grave danger.

Time is of the essence, for if left untreated, the rot will ravage the roots and the base of the stem, cutting off the vital nourishment your orchid needs to thrive. 

To breathe life back into your orchid with dry, desperate roots, embark on a rescue mission. Begin by carefully removing all substrate, paying extra attention to the fungus-infested roots.

But that's not all—depending on the extent of the damage, additional steps may be required. To unveil the full repertoire of techniques for saving your precious orchids from root rot, look no further.

In the video below, MissOrchisGirl will guide you, step by step, through the resurrection process.

We hope you enjoy this video about Saving Phalaenopsis Orchid with Root Rot

Source: MissOrchidGirl

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