10 Fun and Easy Baby Shower Games

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Baby Shower Games

A baby shower is a fun event to celebrate the impending birth of a new baby. Everyone eats a little; then they watch as the presents are opened.

But why should the future mom have fun at this party? With some well-chosen baby shower games, she can help her guests have fun too.

Games are the perfect icebreakers for parties like this because they probably don't all know each other. Even if guests are around, games can create some unexpected memories. Plus, everyone loves to laugh and have fun, and this is an exciting opportunity.

Choosing the Best Baby Shower Games

When choosing your games, remember not to do anything to upset or embarrass the guest of honor. Also, it's best to avoid games that embarrass your guests. Stupidity is good, stupid games are unnecessary.

A fun word puzzle or quick guessing game is perfect. You don't even need a lot of games. Guests will want to talk to each other and find out how their mother is doing; the games are just a bonus.

Pick up a few games and use one to break the ice, then save one for later in the shower. It's not a bad idea to have a game as a backup, in case the conversation starts to fade before the party ends.

You will also have to decide whether to award prizes to the winners. The prizes don't necessarily have to be big or fancy, just something that makes them feel like they've won. Consider small candles, sachets, cardboard boxes, chocolate bars, fridge magnets, or any other small universal gift.

You Don't Say, Baby!

Start the games the moment your guests walk through the door. This is a fun game that requires guests to pay close attention to each other and it is very difficult to bypass the password during the bath. The challenge is half the fun.

Give each guest a diaper pin to attach to their shirt when they get to the shower. When you're ready to start the game, tell everyone they can't say the word "baby" or they'll give up on the person who noticed the mistake. The winner is the person with the most pins at the end of the party.

Do You Know Your Baby Food?

This is a multi-sensory baby shower game, but it's not for anyone picky.

Buy a dozen cans of baby food. Include meats, vegetables, fruits, and mixed varieties for even more fun. Cover the vial labels with a sheet of matte paper and write the numbers on each one.

When you're ready to begin, give each guest a sheet of paper and a pencil and open the jars. Guests will examine each pot of food, sniffing it or even tasting it if they wish. So, they have to guess what kind of food it is. The guest with the most correct answers wins.

More Games for Your Baby Shower

If you need more ideas, we have many to choose from. This is all very simple and many do not require special supplies other than paper and pens. They are all challenging in some way and are sure to fill the room with laughter and smiles.

  • Delivery Statistics Guessing Game: Have fun collecting the statistics of a baby at the time of delivery.
  • Mommy–Daddy Trivia Game: Familiarity leads to success in this game.
  • Mad Lib: Add a fun twist to reality by creating a Mad Lib baby shower.
  • Mothers and Babies: Do Your Guests Know the Correct Names of Baby Animals? Gather a list of baby animal names, mix up the words, and give a list to each team. Whoever understands all the correct answers first wins.
  • Baby Bingo: This easy game is fun, and the printable cards take almost no work to set up.
  • Baby Word Scramble: Turn this word game into a team competition for more fun. Just like in the baby animal game, choose many words that relate to the children for this game.
  • Baby Photo Guessing Game: Everyone was a beautiful baby, right? Ask all of your guests to bring photos of their children and see if everyone can guess who is who.
  • Guess the Number of M & M's: This is a simple guessing game with a nice payoff at the end. Put the candies in a nice jar and be sure to count how many there are. Ask the guests to guess how many are inside and the closest person wins the chocolate.
  • Can You Change a Baby?: This fun game is a timed competition. Grab a doll, some diapers, and see who can change a diaper the fastest.

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