10 Great Home Projects for Spring

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Home Projects for Spring

When spring is in the air, it's the perfect time to do some of those home projects you've always wanted to do.

After winterizing your yard, take advantage of the hot, dry weather to build a lake, renovate your outdoor furniture, protect your porch, or create a fun, cool little house for the kids.

Build a Concrete Patio

Your dirt or grass patio is muddy and not suitable for chairs and tables. How to cover this? From decks to gravel, brick, and natural stone, you have a multitude of options.

But the best option in terms of performance is usually a concrete patio. Concrete is smooth, easy to clean, strong, durable, and returns a favorable resale value when you decide to sell your home.

Since concrete cures best in warmer, drier weather, spring is the perfect time to build a concrete patio in your garden.

Build a Garden Pond

Imagine clear mornings with a cup of coffee while watching fish fly in your garden pond. Or dip your toes in cold water on a hot summer day.

Now that the freezing temperatures have passed, you can finally break the frost line and build a garden pond. If you can hold a shovel, you can have a lake.

Use a hard plastic liner for small ponds or apply a thick EPDM liner for larger ponds. Add a bomb and some rocks to create a small waterfall.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Eliminate the endless transfer of kitchen items from the house to the patio by building your own outdoor kitchen.

With a stove, mini-fridge, heated wine cellar, barbecue, and even more amenities, an outdoor kitchen will allow you and your friends to cook, eat, and socialize outdoors.

Clean Outdoor Cushions and Fabric Furniture

Outdoor furniture and fabric cushions get damaged during the summer, especially in the fall and winter, if you forget to bring them indoors.

Learn how to safely clean tree sap, sunscreen, grass, bird droppings, mold, and more from your outdoor furniture. Inexpensive ingredients like enzyme-based stain remover, hot water, and chlorine bleach can work wonders on dirty pillows and outdoor fabrics.

Make Your Yard a Private Paradise

If your garden seems too public, find out how to mark in private and turn it into a haven of peace that you will love.

You will not need to impose fences with more sensitive measures, such as screen plans or privacy screens that integrate with the architecture of your home.

Build a Compost Box

Create black gold, as landscapers like to say, with little more than household kitchen waste and even uncoated paper. These are some of the ingredients you can add when building your compost bin.

Composting produces a nutrient-rich material for plants and flowers. Even if you are not a gardener, composting is an environmentally friendly way to remove a large amount of organic materials without sending them to landfills.

Screen in Your Porch

Welcome your guests and family to your next terrace party without the presence of mosquitoes and other insects.

Learn how to protect your porch and keep unwanted visitors away. The secret is to build separate frames first and then add them to the balcony. Spring is the perfect time for this project.

Replace Your Home's Front Door

Your front door may have lost air like a strainer all winter, prompting you to consider replacing it with a completely new door.

Spring is the best time to embark on this project, as doing so during the colder months would refresh your home. With this design, the door needs to be open for several hours, so you will need the warmest spring temperatures for this. Replacing the door is hard work, but patience and a competent coworker will make the job much easier.

Build a Birdhouse

When spring comes around and temperatures warm up, birds tend to go outdoors and stay outside for longer periods.

The birds will fly into your yard when they see the recycled mailbox birdhouse. This is a super simple project that requires little more than an old mailbox and a few basic tools.

Build a Backyard Playhouse

When your backyard has a lovely theater, everyone will want to participate, children and adults alike. Old-school plywood theaters are all the rage and themed theaters are definitely all the rage.

Learn how to build a pirate ship-shaped theater, castle, country house, Malaysian house, and even a mid-century modern log house.

We hope you enjoy watching this video about 5 Thrifty, EASY Outdoor DIY Projects!

Source: Pine and Prospect Home

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