10 Inventive Ideas for That Space Under the Stairs

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Ideas for That Space Under the Stairs

In a small home, every square inch counts, from small rooms to narrow hallways and small bathrooms. It also means that you will have to get very creative with your storage options.

But do not be afraid: you are in luck. If there is space available under your stairs, it is not necessary to leave it intact. There are many things you can do with this space, such as alleviating storage problems or creating additional seating. Or, if you're feeling daring, you can even install a wine cooler.

No longer let the space under the stairs be neglected. You can configure something yourself or hire a designer to create custom components. These 10 designers and owners used their thinking hats and got creative with these random spots under the stairs - prepare to be inspired to bring this workspace into your home.

Create a Garden

If you have multiple indoor plants in low-light conditions, you can create a cozy corner just under the stairs. Starting with the built-in shelves, she wove her plants between decorative items like baskets and books, turning this laid-back spot into a mini green paradise.

Assemble a Library

This is another case where built-in bookcases are useful for spaces under stairs. If you have a treasure chest of books in a box, this is a great way to put them in the spotlight.

Install a Wet Bar

For fun, it can help to have a bar available to make mixes or open a bottle of wine. It is conveniently next to the living room and is ready for snacks and dinners with friends.

Get Organized

This place under the stairs is an ideal option when it comes to smart storage. It's as easy as installing a few simple cabinets or drawers, making it a sophisticated way to store your essentials.

Set up a Workspace

Reduce the scale with a table that fits easily into space and, if you want, you can go one step further and create a reading corner.

Display Decorative Objects

If you love a place where you can display decorative items that are near and dear to you, but lack space, look no further than this space under the stairs. Build shelves and display your favorite decorations.

Store Wine

How about a little luxury? If you are a wine lover, set the glass so that your wine collection is on display, which is sure to be the first conversation among your guests.

Get Some Shut-Eye

When you live in a small house, even a small house, every space is precious. When the area is not used as a workspace, the closet opens up and provides a fold-out bed. It's incredibly useful, especially if you need to take a few ZZZs between work projects.

Craft a Kids’ Corner

Niñas Jugando En Una Mesa Blanca

It can be difficult to find enough space to store children's toys and other essentials. Fill her space under the stairs with necessities from your daughter's playroom, like books, stuffed animals, and other items stored in trash cans.

Construct a Laundry Space

Instead of dedicating an entire room to the laundry, why not put it under the stairs? the washer and dryer fit perfectly into this space, which means that homeowners can convert this laundry room into a study or office. It is now a smart design.

We hope you enjoy watching this video about How to Build Under Stair Storage Drawers

Source: Family Handyman

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