5 Simple Ways to Feng Shui Your Home Office

It's time to banish this negative energy... Having a positive and stress-free office space is of the utmost importance to conquer your workload and be productive.

If your home office is cluttered and unmotivated, it can affect your performance and leave you feeling drained and negative.

Maintaining a calm and serene office is essential and can be achieved by following the principles of Feng Shui, the Chinese philosophical system based on spatial harmony.

Sarah McAllister, the founder of the Feng Shui Agency, transformed the commercial offices of companies such as Red Bull, London Calling, and Smiley. She reveals her best tips on how to make your home office the most positive space possible by solving these five common problems...

1. Your heart sinks when you enter space

One sure way to calm your mood is to have a dimly lit or cluttered workspace. It may seem obvious, but first impressions make a big difference. If when you see your office for the first time you feel discouraged, it is time to change it.

Feng Shui Solution: Uplight and Organization

Get organized and declutter. After doing this, install up lighters. The end result will be very uplifting and will improve your mood.

2. You constantly feel exhausted while working

This is usually due to a large amount of electrical pollution from computers, printers, WiFi, etc.

Feng Shui solution: add magnets

One way to increase your energy levels and avoid electrocution is to add magnets to your office. You can try sitting on a chair cover with magnets or even wearing magnetic jewelry while you work. They will protect your body from electromagnetic stress.

3. Do you always have a cold or cough?

In most cases, having a permanently wrinkled nose and constant coughing means poor air quality.

Feng Shui Solution: Cleaning the Air and Exercising

This can be remedied by adding a really good ionizer to your office. Also be sure to take a break, take a walk, exercise, and get some fresh air. This will help your energy circulate.

4. You always feel at a disadvantage

If you constantly feel at a disadvantage, or if someone always seems to take credit for your work, the problem could be with your desk. You need a position at the table that leaves you feeling supported.

Feng Shui Solution: Move Your Desk

To feel more comfortable and supported, make sure your seat has a high back and is positioned with a wall or cabinet behind you. This makes you feel more relaxed and confident.

5. You strive to achieve your goals

Having performance issues can come down to negative energy within your office space. Something can get stuck in the design and feel. There may also be very little natural light, little natural energy, and chi vitality.

Feng Shui Solution: Look for a Southeast Direction

The southeast section of your office space should be clutter-free. Better yet, locate your home office in the southeast section of your home. According to Feng Shui, this will increase your productivity and positive energy.

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Source: Morris Feng Shui

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