6 Awesome Games for a Bubble Themed Party

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Bubble Themed Party

Children of all ages love blowing bubbles. The kids at your party will love them even more because they will be used to playing these fun games. These games are perfect for a cheap party because your only entertainment expense will be the cost of the bubbles.

Bubble Up

Have the players form a circle. Choose a player to stand in the middle and give that player a bubble bottle and a bubble wand with several holes. Ask the player to blow as many bubbles as possible in the air.

The rest of the players have to try to keep them in the air or make them explode. When the last bubble ends, a new player moves to the middle. He plays until everyone has a chance to blow bubbles.

Bubble Art

This is a combination party game and art project that kids will love. Add several bowls of detergent paint (when doing this, make sure it is the consistency of bubble soap). Ask the children to form pairs to do this project.

A team member will dip his wand in the color of his choice and pop a bubble. The other partner has to hold a piece of paper and collect the bubble so that it bounces off the paper, leaving a touch of color on the page.

This continues until the player with the bubble stick uses all the colors he wants to create a drawing on the paper. The players then switch places so everyone can get a chance to do a bubble art project.

Bubble Pop Freeze Dance

All children love to play frozen dance and all children love to blow bubbles. This game combines the love of both for a lot of fun. To get started, gather all the party guests in a central space.

Now put on party music and make them dance. Ask some adults to blow bubbles in the dance space and ask the children to pop as many bubbles as they can.

When the music stops, the kids should stop dancing, stop blowing bubbles, and freeze in place. This becomes especially challenging for little ones who prefer to keep blowing bubbles rather than freezing. Anyone who can't freeze, however, is out of the game before the next round begins.

But players who are "out" need not be sad because they help blow bubbles in the crowd. Keep playing until there is only one player left in the dance space.

Bubble Wand Relay Race

Divide the children into two teams and position them behind the starting line. Place a construction cone or some type of marker several feet from the starting line.

One at a time, players must pop a bubble and catch it with their wands. After catching their bubbles, they must run to the marker and return without popping or losing their bubbles (if that happens, the player must return and start over).

When they return to their teams, the wands are passed to the next players in line, who must transport their bubbles to the marker and vice versa. The game continues until one team completes the task. This team wins.

Bubble Tag

This is the classic game of tag, but instead of marking players with their hands, the player who is "it" must blow a bubble at another player. Once a player is hit by a bubble, he is out or has to take the place of being "it".

Bubble Wrapped

In this game, children discover what it is like to be inside a bubble. To set this up, you will need to fill the kiddie pool with a strong soap suds mixture. Place a small stool in the center of the pool.

One at a time, have the children sit on the stool. Then place a hula hoop over the child and into the bubble mixture. Let it rest for a minute. Have all the remaining children form a circle and slowly help to lift the hula hoop, forming a large bubble around the child on the stool.

We hope you enjoy watching this video about 3 Kid-Tested DIY Bubble Ideas

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