6 Ways You Can Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger

It's never an ideal situation - a quick trip to the bathroom followed by a single flush and, boom, you're dealing with a clogged drain or, much worse, a nearly overflowing toilet.

If you don't have a drain or the drain isn't working, consider unclogging options before hiring a plumber.

There are a number of ways to care for a leaky or clogged toilet, many of which require nothing more than items you already have in your bathroom or kitchen cabinets.

Read on to learn how to fix a clogged toilet (and be sure to wear protective gloves).

When your bathroom is closed and you don't have a plunger, it's time to get creative. See how you can unclog a toilet with materials you already own, make things work with these mess-proof ideas.

1.Plunger alternative: start with a soap dish

Diving into a clogged toilet isn't fun, but there is a better way. To unclog a toilet without a plunger, go to the kitchen and get yourself some dish soap.

The slippery soap should help lubricate the clogged tube and allow trapped debris to slide down more easily.
Pour about half a cup down the toilet.

If you don't have soap, cut a bar of soap into small pieces and flush them down the toilet.

2.Add hot water

If dish detergent alone doesn't work, adding water can move things around. Fill a bucket with the hot bath water (boiling water can break a porcelain toilet) and pour the water into the toilet at waist level.

The force of the water can dislodge anything that is causing the clog.

3.Plunger Alternative: Baking Soda Mix

As an alternative to using a detergent and plunger less, try this all-natural solution. Pour a cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar down the toilet.

Cook over low heat for half an hour. If the clog doesn't go away, try the hot water trick.

4.Make yourself a drain snake from a wire hanger

More severe blockage may require manual movement of the article. To do this without a plunger, unroll a wire hanger until it is straight.

Push one end of the cable into the obstructed area. Push the dirt until it loosens and drains down the drain. Voila!

5.Use a plastic bottle to create water pressure

Warning: this unclogging trick can be confusing.

Start by getting as much water out of the toilet as possible; You can do this by repeatedly filling a small container with the bathwater and pouring the water into a bucket. Then fill a large plastic

6.Bottle with warm water

Place your thumb on the top of the bottle and place the top end of the bottle in the outlet at the bottom of the toilet. (You will want to wear rubber gloves for this step.)

Remove your thumb and squeeze the bottle so that the water is inside the pipe. The extra pressure could dislodge whatever is causing the clog.

Plus alternative: flush toilet with a gun toilet drainer

If you decide to drain the toilet before dealing with the clog, here is an exclusive tip for flushing the water.

“When you are repairing or replacing a bathroom, you need to remove all the water. Simply turning off the water supply and rinsing will not work. A sponge works, but it is somewhat slow. Then I use an old squirt gun to suck up the water and pour it into a bucket, leaving only the last few drops to expel. ”- reader Dale Conklin.

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Source: Apartment Therapy

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