9 Best Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding Cake

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Cheap Wedding Cakes That Look and Taste Great

A cheap wedding cake doesn't have to look bad, taste bad, or be a disappointment to your guests in any way. You can organize the wedding of your dreams and save it on the wedding cake. It will always taste great, look good, and be an amazing sight on your big day.

Set a Budget

Before you start dreaming about your fairytale wedding cake, take a minute to review your overall wedding budget and decide how much you want to spend on the cake.

The average wedding cake costs $ 500 but considering it is one of the biggest waste of wedding money, there is absolutely no reason why you should spend that much.

Once you've decided how much you can afford to spend on a wedding cake, take that amount and divide it by the number of guests you're expecting.

This will give you the dollar value of the price per slice, that is, how much a slice of the cake will cost you. Your goal is not to exceed this amount.

Shop Around

One of the most important ways to save on a wedding cake is to find a great bakery that includes what you want and fits your budget.

We recommend asking lots of questions, knowing the price per serving, and of course, one of the most fun wedding chores you'll find is trying all of these cake options.

Keep It Small

Most of the time, you will be charged per serving for wedding cakes, so it makes sense that buying a smaller cake with fewer servings will save you money.

Buying a smaller cake is easy if you are planning an intimate wedding, but it can be a problem if you have a lot of guests.

A great way to solve this problem is to display a wedding cupcake and use it to cut the cake. Buy inexpensive cakes that can be stored behind the table or in the kitchen, then cut them up for guests. If you're smart enough about it, no one will know.

Go Simple

The complexity of your wedding cake will make its price skyrocket. Time-consuming baking tasks such as hand painting, edible gold, sugar flowers, and other intricate details will add to the cost of the cake.

Keeping the wedding cake simple will really help you cut costs. Simple cakes can look very elegant and fit almost any style.

Choose Buttercream

The fondant icing on a wedding cake makes it look soft and elegant but adds to the cost of the cake. The buttercream blanket isn't that soft, but it can still look soft when done right.

Buttercream frosting tastes much better than fudge too, which all guests will enjoy.

Add Real Flowers

Drop all the sugar flowers and choose to add some of your wedding flowers. A simple cake design lends itself to being decorated with fresh flowers or even artificial flowers if you wish.

Making sugar flowers takes time for the baker, and you can get real flowers for less than the additional cost of the cake.

Serve Smaller Slices

Another way to save on a wedding cake is to serve smaller than normal portions. More casual weddings tend to serve slices of cake about 2 "thick, but more sophisticated weddings serve thin slices about 1" thick.

Learn from the experts that a small piece of cake can actually look more impressive.

If you are concerned about guests complaining about the small slices of cake, serve more desserts on the side so guests have more dessert options.

Also, make sure the person cutting the cake knows how to cut it to get the number of slices you need. Wilton has a cake-cutting guide with all the details.

Forget About the Groom's Cake

If the groom's cake is a tradition in your country, don't be afraid to give up. A totally different cake is an added cost that no one is likely to miss out on.

If the groom really wants a cake for him, consider asking a talented friend or relative to bake him a cake and serve it to him during rehearsal.

Consider an Alternative

It is more common than ever to serve something sweet that is not a wedding cake. Cupcakes are very popular nowadays, like the one from Aisle Society, and the growing trend is to have something more original, like a dessert counter with cakes, cookies, donuts, and whatever.

Guests will be so excited about something they've never seen before that they won't even notice the cake is missing.

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