Beautiful Tips Decorations for your Beach Wedding

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Discover The Most Beautiful Decorations for your Beach Wedding!

Beach wedding plans should include decorations that fit the overall style and colors of the bridal celebration. When shopping for beach decorations, choose those that complement the natural beauty and romance of a beach wedding ceremony.

The abundance of beach decorations is perfect for a themed wedding, whether at sea or if you are creating an atmosphere away from the waves.

Beach Decorations

Use this list of decorations to get started decorating:

  • Seashells: Place the clean shells on tables, in corners, and even on top of the wedding cake.

  • Trunks: Place trunks where no one can trip over the pieces, but where they can be seen and appreciated.
  • Starfish: Like shells, starfish can be placed on tables or strategically on the floor and walls. Hang them from the ceiling with a fishing line. Buy a multi-colored plastic starfish.

  • Hammocks: Hang hammocks on walls or trellises. Then hang shells, starfish, and even buoys in the hammock for a nautical touch.
  • Buoys: Place them on old buoys in the corners or even use them as centerpieces.
  • Pearls: Fill shells, starfish, and other decorations with simulated pearls.

  • Anchors: Place a large anchor near the "altar" area. Hang replica foam anchors on the walls.
  • Ropes: hung on walls or hammocks. Use ropes to guide guests to seating areas or wedding venues from a parking lot.
  • Paddles: Place a stack of oars at an angle in one corner.
  • Life rings: Have personalized life rings.
  • Surfboards or bodyboards: tap the boards against the walls or use them as food storage tables.

Creative Decor by Location

Get creative with your decorations and put them in those important places.

  • Food Tables: Pour a bunch of brown sugar onto a dessert table. Arrange shell-shaped bowls with fruit bites in the "sand."
  • Gift Table: Place a wooden chest, such as a treasure chest, in the center of the table. Spread gold doubloons and logs around the chest.

  • Arcades: Cover the arcades with shells and white tulle "fairy" lights. You will make the place look like a magical ocean.
  • Tents/Covers: Hang simulated pearl cords in the tent opening, hanging upside down to prevent guests from tripping. On both sides of the tent opening, place plastic or concrete seagulls.

Centerpiece Ideas

For simple beach wedding centerpieces, fill crystal or glass bowls with any of the following options:

  • Sand
  • Glass marbles
  • Pearls
  • Small seashells
  • Little starfish

A glass or crystal votive can be placed in the middle of the centerpiece with a candle inside. The lit candle will reflect off the shells and marbles, creating a bonfire effect on the beach.

Tropical flowers also make wonderful centerpieces. Your florist will undoubtedly have many suggestions. Inform them on the subject and ask them to see photos of other centerpieces.

Outdoor Beach Decor

A wedding on the beach is beautiful in and of itself. However, a few special touches can take it to the next level.


Tie ribbons to the backs of the folding chairs prepared for the beach wedding ceremony. Instead of a bow, place a cluster of shells and starfish in the center of the ribbon. Make sure the altar area is separate by decorating it to look like a pier, or use columns and arches covered in tropical flowers.


Burning tiki torches can be placed along the perimeter of the reception area, away from anything that could cause a fire. Use seaweed to cover the reception tent or canopy supports for a rustic feel; otherwise, cover the net with lights and tulle.

If the reception is not held on the beach, you can bring the sand and spread it on the floor. Add some artificial palm trees and some fountains that mimic the sound of the ocean to create the right atmosphere.

Beautiful Beach Weddings

Weddings on the beach are beautiful for their natural beauty. Enhance your ceremony and reception with beach-themed decorations that will tie the event together seamlessly.

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