Cheese Board Basics That Will Wow All Your Guests

Picture this: You are at a party, rubbing old friends' shoulders and enjoying a glass of wine. So, you see the cheese board in all its glory.

Your eyes light up and you spend the foreseeable future perched on all the brie, gouda, and asiago your stomach can handle. There's a reason most (if not all) of us are obsessed with cheese boards.

Plus, you don't have to be a cheese fan to appreciate beautiful board art.

There is also something for everyone on a cheese plate. Do you like cheese and meat? The cheese plate covers you. Vegetarian? The plate has delicious products and crunchy snacks to choose from.

Want to wow the crowd with your own cheese board? Take a look at these easy steps to the delicious, dreamy spread of your dreams.

Choose your cheese

It is always good to have a combination of flavors and textures on your cheeseboard.

Brie, Gruyere, and Blue can be a great combination. Once you have found the cheese that whets your appetite, it is important to cut it into slices and spread them so they can breathe.

Always pre-cut your hard cheese so it's easy for guests to graze.

Give way to meat

Who doesn't like to combine a slice of brie cheese with a fine salami? Anyone can throw ham on a cheese board, but if you want to pop your board, add some artistic flair to your meats.

Put some product

Of course, cheese boards aren't necessarily called "healthy," but that doesn't mean you can't add some fruits and vegetables to the mix.

Create small mounds of dried fruits, fresh vegetables, and olives around the board, leaving some room for your crunchy items.

Create some crunch

When it comes to building a beautiful cheese board, the texture is key. You already have the smooth creaminess of the cheese and the juicy fruit, so why not add a little crunch?

Fill in the gaps with a mixture of nuts, seeds, and cookies. You can also set a cookie plate to the side for easy filling.

Decide your dive

With so many types of cheeses, meats, and paraphernalia to devour, adding a few sauces seems a bit of a no-brainer.
Fill your empty molds with jam, mustard, or honey.

And if that was not enough

Before presenting your cheese board for your guests to see, top it with some fresh and fragrant herbs. Garnish your plate with fresh thyme, rosemary, blueberries, or cherries.

The fresh herbs and tapas add a pop of color and an amazing aroma.

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Source: Babish Culinary Universe

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