Consider Utilities When Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen

The trend for outdoor living is steadily increasing as homeowners turn backyard spaces into exclusive cooking and entertainment centers.

State-of-the-art appliances, combo grill units, an outdoor sink bar, and stainless steel cabinets can be designed to fit your outdoor space and your family's budget, but what about the amenities? do you need to connect them?

Modifications to your appliances can be responsible for a significant part of your outdoor kitchen setup.

A more detailed analysis of the costs associated with expanding your utilities can help you decide between gas, propane, electric, charcoal, and wood stove units.

Owners sampled by HomeAdvisor say the average cost of an outdoor kitchen is around $ 11,700, with a state-of-the-art installation costing roughly $ 35,000.

Of course, this depends on your appliances and furniture, along with the costs of extending your utilities. A facility with a limited budget may opt for propane cooking units and exclude tap water as an alternative plan.

Natural gas and propane

Natural gas burns cleaner and is generally cheaper than propane units. Along with the outdoor gas grill, side burner, smoker, gas oven, and outdoor heating are the benefits of using natural gas.

Gas pipe extensions require a person who is very confident in their DIY plumbing skills or a certified contractor.

Also, these modifications may require a local permit and will certainly need to follow local building codes.

The new gas line may require its own shutoff valve and selection of the correct pipes and fittings.

Careful measurements are required to accurately determine the tube lengths and routing necessary to properly interact with the gas appliance connections.

Consider the professional cost, which can range from $ 120 to $ 1,300; a reasonable price for your peace of mind.


Exterior accessories, refrigeration, and convenience outlets require ground fault circuits or receptacles that act quickly in the event of mechanical shock or moisture intrusion.

Depending on how many you need, the cost can be as low as $ 125 for simple electrical additions.

For an all-electric outdoor kitchen, an electrician may recommend installing a dedicated circuit panel with its own main circuit breaker.

This will reduce the pressure in the house's electrical box and will be necessary if there are not enough empty circuits with the correct amperage.

The best advice is to leave electrical upgrades to professionals who know the local codes and the proper cables, circuit breakers, and plugs.


Installing the outdoor kitchen with running water is a task that a qualified homeowner who wants to add a sink or open faucet to the counter could be done.

Additional costs can occur when you install a hot water line, pipe insulation necessary to prevent winter pipes from freezing, and separate piping to drain sewage into the home's drainage system.

The costs associated with external plumbing include suitable pipe runs and valves to control the flow of water. It is better to plan the location of the outdoor kitchen close to home.

In this way, the pipe connections are more easily connected to the existing pipes in the house.

Keep in mind that plumbing installations can cover a wide variety, depending on the amount of plumbing, demolition, and restoration required. The typical range is on average between $ 350 and $ 1,800.

Outdoor kitchens are gaining popularity

Outdoor living will continue to be a rising trend for homeowners looking to expand their living space or spend more time enjoying the fresh air.

The best outdoor spaces are designed to minimize maintenance and increase comfort.

By expanding your utilities, you can create a fully functional and fully comfortable outdoor kitchen and entertaining space.

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