Father of the Bride: Tips For a Great Speech

So her daughter announced her marriage and introduced her to the person who is about to become her son or daughter-in-law. Congratulations!

Now you have a wedding to plan. It's important to support your daughter, so it's time to start aligning locations and vendors.

You should also start thinking about what to say during the reception, which is one of the most important tasks you have during this time.

Yes, you will have to give a speech from the father of the bride. Like it or not, it's important to show your support by stepping out of your comfort zone and working on your presentation.

This is the time to express your feelings about your daughter, even if she is the type of person who keeps her emotions to himself.

Plan your speech

Even if you are the type of person who likes to talk "spontaneously", it is always a good idea to plan the speech for your daughter's wedding.

Otherwise, you may ramble or risk saying something that embarrasses you. Remember, once you say something, you cannot "disprove" it.

In fact, it is a good idea to write the entire speech so that you can modify it and practice it before the event. If you follow tradition, your speech will be the first one after the wedding and at the beginning of the reception, so set a good example for others to follow.

Here are some tips for planning your father of the bride speech:

  • Ask your daughter if there is anything she doesn't want you to mention. This is important because you don't want to overshadow her special day.


  • Make a list of the topics she would like to cover. If it's long, like more than half a dozen, shorten it to prevent her speech from taking too long.


  • Go through your list several times before planning your exact words to make sure they are all relevant and appropriate.


  • Once you've listed all the topics you want to cover, go ahead and write your speech. Try to limit your presentation to about five to 10 minutes, or you will lose everyone's interest.


  • It's good to add some tasteful humor to your speech so that the audience doesn't start to yawn.

Remember your place

As the father of the bride, it is your job to show support for the bride. Your speech should reflect this. Remember that this is her special day and while you may have contributed financially, or paid for everything, it is still about her and her partner.

Familiarize yourself with your entire speech and know what you want to cover.

Bring your speech or sketch to the wedding and have it handy when you present it. Even if you've practiced dozens of times already, don't go blank.

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