Great Ways to Save Money on a Kids' Birthday Party

Unless you're a professional party planner, you probably face the prospect of hosting your kid's birthday parties with a groan and sigh.

Where is the party? How many children should I invite? What will be the entertainment? And above all, how much will all this cost?

The fact is, many great kids' birthday parties don't require a lot of fanfare or expense. Some of the best birthday parties for kids are simple DIY celebrations.

The trick is to think of activities your child likes to do and then try to come up with ideas for birthday parties that might incorporate their interest. Here are some helpful tips for hosting a kids' party on a budget.

Here are some budget tips:

1.Have a separate celebration at school

Ask your child's teacher if he can bake some cupcakes and bring them to school. That way you will avoid having to organize a big and expensive party at home.

2.Invite a few friends

If your child wants to invite some close friends over for a celebration in addition to (or instead of) a classroom celebration, organize a small get-together / mini-party.

Have her limit the number of children to a small group, say four or five friends, and take them all to a movie and a pizza.

3.Make your own decorations

There is nothing as wonderful as children's art to use as decorations at birthday parties. Help your child cut construction paper into interesting shapes.

Take some glitter and glue and make designs to put on crepe paper and balloons. Make colorful paper origami flowers and cranes (not as difficult as it sounds).

Children love to create things and hang their work; enjoy it and let them be proud of how much they can contribute to their own party.

4.Get creative with your food

Of course, there is the standard birthday party food: pizza. But if you want to offer other options without spending too much, consider cutting turkey and cheese sandwiches into fun shapes with cookie cutters.

You can also set up a cookie decorating station. And some tasty and healthy snacks, like healthy after-school snacks, are a must.

5.Keep Activities Moving

If you're planning a celebration around an activity in your home, like a scavenger hunt or a movie, make sure you have something else ready to go.

The attention span of elementary school students usually doesn't last until a 90-minute movie.

If they finish an activity or get bored, you will definitely want to have another activity ready or you risk having kids running like crazy around your house, chasing each other and causing widespread chaos (unless I agree with you, in which case, free them).

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