Here's How to Open a Wine Bottle (Even Without a Corkscrew)

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How to Open a Wine Bottle

Perhaps your corkscrew has recently met an ignominious fate thanks to the fierce blades of your garbage disposal. Perhaps he bought a cheap corkscrew so poorly built that it snapped in two at the most inconvenient times, and tragically lodged its broken fragments in the intact cork that stands between you and your wine. Or maybe you lost your corkscrew.

In case you don't have several spare corkscrews on hand before an emergency like this, don't worry. While it may take a little creativity, a lot of dedication, and a lot of faith, you can certainly uncork a bottle of wine without a corkscrew.

Here are some strategies you can try.

Try a Sturdy Wooden Spoon

Instead of trying to uncork the bottle, consider pushing it in.

  1. Lay the wine bottle on a flat surface and hold it firmly in place.
  2. Take a sturdy wooden spoon with a thin handle and place the end of the handle in the center of the cork.
  3. Use your body weight to help you press down. It will take a fair amount of pressure to do this, so it will likely take a few tries before the cork starts to move, but once it starts to slide smoothly down your neck.
  4. As soon as the cork falls into the bottle, decant the wine into another container.

Break Out Your Toolbox

There is a way to use other tools in your home to open a bottle of wine and see how.

  1. Find the longest screw you have in your tool kit and use a screwdriver to drill it through the center of the plug, leaving about ½ inch of the screw sticking out of the top.
  2. Firmly grasp the neck of the bottle, placing the body firmly under the arm.
  3. Use the tip of a claw hammer to hold the screw and slowly remove the plug with a steady, steady motion.
  4. Before drinking, run the bottle through a fine-mesh strainer to make sure no small pieces of broken cork remain in the wine.

Wiggle It Out

If you don't have tools at hand, you can try removing the cork from your wine bottle by repeatedly applying pressure to the bottom with great force, but be careful - you can break your wine bottle into small pieces if you do.

This with a lot of enthusiasm, take a deep breath before you start and focus on finding that sweet spot between vigorous and smooth.

You will also need to wrap the bottom of the bottle with some type of filler to protect the glass. A thick dish towel folded in half is a good option, as, believe it or not, sneakers. If you are going to use your shoe, you can first put the bottle in a clean sock.

  1. Once your bottle is in your protective gear, hold it against the wall at 90 degrees and begin tapping it firmly against the wall in a steady rhythmic rhythm, until you feel the stopper start to come out of your neck.
  2. Begin tapping the bottle against the wall in smaller, faster strokes until the cork is almost halfway up.
  3. Make sure you can remove the rest of the cork with your hands, twisting it firmly as you pull it.
  4. Otherwise, a few more hits on the wall will suffice.

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