How to Calculate the Right Amount of Cord for Your Macrame Project

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Mastering Macrame: Two Foolproof Methods to Determine Cord Length for Any Pattern

In this video tutorial, the creator shares two different methods to help you calculate the amount of cord you need for your new macrame project.

The first method is suitable for simple or geometric patterns, and requires you to determine the amount of cord needed per knot in the pattern.

To use this method effectively, it's best to test the cord's strength and size beforehand, as different knots will require varying lengths of cord.

The formula to use is (A+(B*number of knots)+C)*2, where A represents the amount of cord required to attach it to your dowel rod, B represents the amount of cord required per one knot, and C represents the desired length of your fringe.

If you're unable to determine the amount of cord needed per one knot, the creator provides a guide for various knots used in macrame.

For instance, for a single twist cord and 3-ply cord using a square knot, 1.5mm requires 3cm of cord, 3mm requires 5cm, and 5mm requires 6cm.

Braided cords may require different lengths of cord due to their stretchiness. The same principle applies to other knots such as the berry knot and the spiral knot.

The second method the creator discusses is suitable for complicated patterns when you're unable to calculate the number of knots in your design.

For this method, you need to measure the length of the section with knots and the length of the section without knots (aka the fringe).

The formula to use is ((A*4)+B)*2, where A represents the length of the section with knots, and B represents the length of the section without knots.

By using either of these methods, you can ensure that you have just the right amount of cord needed for your macrame project, saving you time and money in the process.

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source: uzliky

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