How to Create a DIY Escape Room

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A DIY Escape Room Party Planning Guide

A DIY in-room getaway party is a great way to celebrate an older child's or teen's birthday, or any other occasion to celebrate. It can be done at home and even on a tight budget.

We'll walk you through every step of this party planning guide so you can host the ultimate escape room party with personalized invitations, escape room games, secret mission activities, fun themed food, and a favor bag to help you out. The kids will really like it.

Invitations: Escape Room Thumbprint Birthday Invitation

This Escape Room Birthday Invitation features a black background and a bright blue fingerprint. Submit all party details with your order and you will receive a digital file of your child's birthday party. You can print the invitations or send them digitally to your guests.

Invitations: Escape the Room

This is a free getaway party invitation that doesn't have a birthday theme, but you can if you'd like. You can edit all the information and send it as a virtual invitation.

Games: Escape the Room: The Secret of Dr. Gravely's Retirement

Can you solve the dark secret of Dr. Gravely's "Health Retreat" by finding clues and solving puzzles? You are trapped and you need to solve the mystery to get out.

This high-level escape game has secret packs, a solution wheel, a scene card, and all the instructions you need. It is for 3-8 players, ages 13 and up.

Games: Exit Game: Dead Man on the Orient Express

Take a killer ride on the Orient Express to find someone's killer aboard their train. This boxed escape room contains an answer wheel, suspicious objects, puzzle cards, answer cards, clue cards, a rule book, and a gamebook. It is for ages 12 and up with 1 to 4 players.

Games: create your own escape room

Lock Paper Scissors takes you through a detailed tutorial on how to create your own DIY escape room in your own home. It takes you through the steps of creating the story, adding puzzles, and creating the game using common household items. Many examples are provided.

There are also many escape room kits to buy here, which are printable files that have printable puzzle sheets, instruction guides, invitations, and posters. They can even be customized so you can make changes to your group.

Activities: Secret agent photographic support

Once the escape room is solved, it's time for the keepsake photo! Use these secret agent printable photo props for kids to pose and celebrate their victory.

Digital file includes hat, glasses, question mark, bow ties, editable briefcase, mustaches, top-secret sign, suspect sign, binoculars, suspect cutout, magnifying glasses, and editable speech bubbles.

Activities: Crepe Paper Laser Maze

This activity would be great as a warm-up for the actual group room or as an activity for the younger children in the group.

Just use red crepe paper (or string) and tie it at various points in the hallway. Kids will love navigating the maze while trying not to touch the crepe paper.

Food: Escape Room Cupcakes

Make your child's favorite cupcake flavor and top with some frosting before inserting these escape room cupcake toppers.

These are 2 "round toppers that you print yourself. There are toppers with keys, watches, padlocks, and secret agents.

Food: Escape Room Snacks

These getaway room snacks are so much fun and so easy to put together. There are sticks of dynamite (dried meat), explosives (grapes), laser bullets (cheese snacks) and secret messages (fortune cookies).

Decorations: Dynamite Garland

This dynamite wreath is the perfect decoration for your DIY room party. With just a few supplies, you can create a complete "dynamite" pack with a spark. Tie them together as shown here or lay them on their side on a table.

Decorations: crime scene tape

Use this crime scene tape to decorate your front door, escape room, or party table. It is lightweight and easy to hang or tie to almost anything.

Souvenirs: Personalized Party Bags

Send these gift bags home with each party guest so they remember how much fun they had. The bags can be personalized with the name of the guest of honor and you choose the size and color of the pattern.

Some great ideas to include in your favorite bags include fake mustaches, magnifying glasses, black sunglasses, notebooks, invisible ink pens, and coins or chocolate bars.

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Source: HandyUncle

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