How to Make an Elegant Vase Using Cardboard

Who doesn't love a nice new decor item like a vase? The only problem is, the large pots we love are so expensive! However, there is a solution.

This DIY vase is made from things you probably already have around the house. Nice free vase, anyone? We are totally agreed! Also, if you love arts and crafts, this tutorial is for you. See the step-by-step tutorial below on how to make a beautiful vase for practically free!

Don't you think this vase looks great? We are totally impressed with how good it looks. No one would imagine that it is made of cardboard and duct tape!

What You Will Need?:

  • Cardboard sheets
  • An empty aluminum foil paper roll
  • Glue Gun
  • Masking tape / Paper tape
  • Plaster of paris and water
  • Sandpaper
  • Sticker sheet
  • Spray paint


1. Cut the cardboard

First, draw a design on cardboard. This will be the basic shape of your vase. You'll want 15-20 of these shapes, but have supplies on hand to make more if you feel like you need a few extra pieces to fill.

2. Paste in the center

After cutting out the shapes, take a kind of cardboard tube - a roll of paper towel, the cardboard center of a roll of aluminum foil, or something like that.

If you want a large enough vase, you can stack several tubes and fix them with hot glue. Then glue the shapes in the center with hot glue, making sure to fill them in well so there aren't too many gaps. Finally, cut a piece of round cardboard and glue it to the bottom.

3. Tape and shape

Next, take a roll of duct tape and start covering the bones of the vase. You can use the ribbon to give your vase more shape. Make sure to use masking tape, as other tapes will cause problems in the next step.

4. Plaster of Paris

Once your vase is completely covered with duct tape, mix one packet of Plaster of Paris and water according to the directions on the packet. Paint the Plaster of Paris with a nice thick coat. Masking tape has a matte surface and a bit of texture, unlike masking tape, so Plaster of Paris will stick to it.

Once the Plaster of Paris is dry, sand the vase to make the surface nice and smooth. You can also do a bit of modeling here. If there are cracks, just fill them with more plaster and sand them down as soon as they dry.

5. Template and stick

Spray your vase paint in an accent color of your choice. Then trace different designs on sticky paper. Once the vase is dry, glue the designs to the paint.

6. Paint and peel

Spray a second color over everything, including the stickers. Then peel off the stickers to reveal the color underneath.

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Source: AY TV

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