How to Plan a Graduation Party Step by Step

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Graduation Party Step by Step

Is someone in your life about to graduate from high school? It is an important milestone, regardless of the age of the graduate. If you are throwing a party for someone, be sure to ask the guest of honor how they envision the party. The answer may surprise you.

Your graduate may have original ideas to make it a memorable party. In case you're wondering, it's perfectly fine to throw a high school or college graduation party to celebrate your accomplishments. Start by studying this party planning checklist and you will be launching an A-plus event.

Determine Your Budget

Find a rough estimate of how many people you would like to invite. Determine how much you would like to spend on food and drink per person, plus the cost of decorating, entertaining, and renting the venue. You can use an online party budget calculator to easily calculate your costs.

If possible, co-organize a party and share the expenses with two or three families, all of them trained in a school or similar situation. Perhaps other families have overlapping guest lists from the same school, where it makes sense to mix up parties. Although difficult to coordinate, the result may be worth the effort of a larger group.

Build the Guest List

Now that you have your approximate budget and how many people you can invite, start building your guest list.

Determine if you or the guest of honor want to invite the entire graduating class to attend a big party with your closest friends and family, or if it will be a more intimate family party.

It is perfectly acceptable to invite some special guests to a graduation party, such as teachers, coaches, or other members of the faculty. It is also up to the host whether the guests' children can attend or not.

Choose a Location

Does your graduate want a casual backyard party or festivities at a formal restaurant or other venues? There are pros and cons for each type of place.

Hosting a party at home can save money, is easy to customize, and can be a warm and comfortable place for others to gather. On the other hand, having a house party is the work and time required to clean the house before and after the party.

The advantage of having a party at a restaurant or other venue is that it is easy to have a local caterer or planner take care of the details, including cleaning, allowing you plenty of time to socialize.

The biggest drawback is the potentially high cost. Also, you may not have much flexibility in holiday dates as venues are already booked in advance for the May and June wedding season. Consider reserving your party in late summer when more venues are available.

That way, you can host combination graduation and farewell party before your graduate leaves for college or moves in after college at the end of the summer.

Pick a Party Time

Timing can be tricky when it comes to graduation parties. May and June are typically the busiest months for most graduate families. Consider throwing a party at the end of the season to avoid clashes with other graduation parties.

One solution might be to combine a summer vacation with a graduation party when your family travels to reunite, such as Memorial Day weekend, Father's Day, or July 4th. If you need to choose a day and time for your party during the busy period around graduation, expect quick visits from your guests.

Consider making things easier for guests in May and June by making your event an open house for guests to come and go.

Choose a Theme and Decorations

The graduation party theme adds a fun touch to your event, as well as helping guide your decor (and menu) planning.

Kitsch luaus and simple summer barbecues are popular food prom themes enjoyed by all ages. But there are also many creative themes for graduation parties.

If your graduate is a smart cookie, please make it known as a cookie bar. Or decorate the party in grad school colors for a simple yet eye-catching theme. Add an inspiring touch by framing quotes and tips on how to be successful and displaying them on tables and service areas.

Complete the party with graduation-themed decorations, from centerpieces featuring graduation caps and cupcake sticks to soda caps and water bottles shaped like graduation caps.

Plan Your Menu

The theme and time of day the party will take place will guide the menu. If you have families with young children, you will also need food for the little ones to like. BBQ or picnic foods are perfect for late-night outdoor parties.

Snacks or desserts (think cupcakes topped with edible candy lids and fruit rolls made of diplomas tied with licorice string) will be ideal for a nightly prom or open house party. Create a buffet of food or snack bars, drinks, and any other type of bar that offers your guests a choice of food and drink.

Let the Pros Handle the Menu

Even if the party is in your backyard rather than at a restaurant, enjoy the best of both worlds by hiring a chef, local food truck, or caterer. You will enjoy the holidays without worrying about the food.

Plan the Entertainment

Entertainment for a house party can include hiring a disc jockey or renting a karaoke machine so everyone has a chance to sing along.

An essential idea to include at a restaurant graduation party or homecoming: a photo booth decorated with appropriate graduation outfits, plaques, and accessories, plus the graduation year as a backdrop.

Send Your Invitations

Depending on the style of your party, invitations range from the formal etched variety to free digital versions. There is no standard rule for graduation party invitation designs.

However, there are some other rules about graduation invitations to remember: send graduation announcements and graduation party invitations separately. Attach instructions for the event. And add a "regrets only" RSVP option to speed up the process.

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