How to Renew Your Marriage Vows

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Here are ways that a renewal of your wedding vows can be both fun and meaningful!

Many couples want to celebrate and reaffirm their love and commitment to each other by renewing their wedding vows, either in private or public, and saying "yes" again.

Reasons You May Want To Renew Your Wedding Vows

Renewing your wedding vows is appropriate for couples, regardless of how long they have been married. There are commonly cited reasons why couples want vow renewal ceremonies. These are some of the reasons.

  • It is a special birthday, like the fifth, the 10th, the 25th, the 50th, etc.
  • They both want to make a public declaration of their love and commitment to each other.
  • Friends and family were unable to attend your wedding due to the distance or it is a small ceremony and now you want to share your vows with them.
  • You originally had a civil wedding and wishes to have a religious ceremony.
  • You originally had a religious ceremony and now you want to have a ceremony that has no restrictions that you may have imposed.
  • You and your spouse have struggled and want to start from scratch.
  • You now have the means to host the ceremony and reception that you couldn't afford at the original wedding.

Legalities of renewing your wedding vows

Remember that renewing your vows is not a legal ceremony. It is only a symbolic and sentimental ceremony. Generally, for a vow renewal, a license is not required and no paperwork is required. Some officiants and wedding chapels may ask to see your marriage certificate to confirm that you are already married.

There may be obstacles for you to skip if your marriage was not and is not legal. If you are in doubt about the legality of your original marriage and would like to legally remarry, it is best to speak with the local government official responsible for marriages.

In recent years, the UK Registry Offices have provided couples with the opportunity to renew their wedding vows in public places. They can also provide keepsake certificates.

Dos and Don'ts for Vow Renewal

Remember that when there is a public renewal of your wedding vows, you will not have a second marriage. There are also several factors to consider if you choose this ceremony. This is what is recommended and what is not recommended.

Not recommended

  • A gift registry
  • A shower
  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties
  • Attendees like a bridesmaid or best man
  • a procession down the hall
  • A layered wedding cake


  • Keep your wedding renewal vows casual and simple.
  • If you write your own vows, don't draw attention to negativity from your past. Focus on your future together.
  • Walk towards each other around the sides of the room or area, rather than making a procession down the center aisle.
  • Rededicate your rings or bless your rings instead of buying new rings.
  • You can have a bouquet of flowers, but don't throw it away after the ceremony.
  • Have a "no gift" reception.
  • You and/or your spouse can toast your guests.

Planning your vow renewal

Unlike a wedding, you have no traditions or etiquette for vow renewal to guide you. Usually, it will be a more intimate celebration with close friends and family. Similar to wedding planning, you should start by thinking about what type of ceremony and reception you want and how many guests will be in attendance. Set a budget and date, then find a location. For the reception, you can organize it or plan a meal together in a restaurant.

Vow renewal officer

It is not necessary to have an officiant who can enter into a legal marriage to renew a vow. You may want a member of the clergy or a judge to officiate if that makes it more meaningful to you. But, on the other hand, there can be no officiant who says their vows to each other. Or you can ask a friend or family member to act as an officiant.


Traditional wedding vows may not be suitable for renewal. You can view sample votes to use at that time and modify them to suit your circumstances. This can help you get inspired when writing your own vows.

Voting renewal invitation

When inviting friends and family, you can use these forms:

If the couple is the host:

The honor of your presence is requested in the reaffirmation of the marriage vows of [couple's names] [day and date]
Join us in renewing our wedding vows and celebrating [number] years together [couple's names] [day and date]

If you stay with the couple's children:

The children of [couple's names] [date and date] ask for the honor of your presence at their parents' vow renewal ceremony

We hope you enjoy watching this video about Dos & Dont's for Writing Your Wedding Vows

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