Marriage Proposal Dos and Don'ts

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What You Need to Know Before Asking for Marriage

If you have decided to propose to your partner, you may be nervous and worry about how to do it "the right way." Engagement is an important milestone. So before you get down on your knees, learn the dos and don'ts of traditional marriage proposals.

The Dos

  • Test the waters:  Before you propose, you should have already talked about getting married. Make sure marriage is something everyone wants and you agree on important issues, like having children. A proposal is a great question that shouldn't come out of anywhere. You don't want your partner to be completely surprised.
  • Make it a surprise:  Although you should talk about marriage, the marriage proposal itself can come as a surprise. Find a time and a way that your partner does not suspect.
  • Prepare yourself:  "Do you want to marry me?" It is a simple question, but it is a heavy sentence that leaves many proponents completely speechless. Practice! It may sound silly but say the words out loud a few times. Also, consider writing down and memorizing exactly what you want to say to make sure you are as relaxed and confident as possible.
  • Find the right engagement ring:  How wearing an engagement ring is a lifetime commitment, make sure it's the right one. Try looking for an opportunity to see the ring windows with your partner to see what they like or to talk about it in conversation. You can also ask parents, siblings, best friends, etc. Your partner to help you choose the ring.
  • Know whether they want to pick out the engagement ring: Some people are particularly attentive to their jewelry and want to participate in the selection process. Honor him by going shopping together. Of course, you will lose that element of surprise, but you can still surprise them with the proposal.

  • Talk to their parents: we've come a long way since dowry. But there is still some respect in asking for the blessing of parents.
  • Pick a personal spot: Think of your favorite romantic spots and pick a significant point to ask the question. It can be as simple as in your living room or as elaborate as taking your partner for a weekend in Paris, whatever is meaningful to you as a couple.
  • Be creative: incorporate personalities, hobbies, etc. Yours and your partner are in the proposal. Make it unique and memorable, rather than a standard proposition.
  • Drop to one knee: There is something so charming and romantic about a person who kneels down and asks for the love of her life in marriage. Even if you are not traditional, it will make the proposal more important.

  • Tell your partner why you want to marry them: don't just say those four little words. Explain to your partner why this is right for you, what marriage means to you, and what your hopes are for the future.
  • Share the news when you're ready: Don't feel like you need to blow up the engagement with all your family and friends right away. Take the time to reflect on your commitment and drive, and then announce the news.

The Don'ts

  • Make it public: Unless your partner has said they want a compelling proposal with the public, it's much easier to make the proposal special by keeping it intimate. Have that magical moment between the two of you.

  • Hide the engagement ring in food: Unless you have a personal reason for doing so, hiding the engagement ring in food is a tiring idea. It has been featured in many movies and TV shows, so you won't earn points for your creativity. And there is a possibility that they will swallow it.
  • Propose at a sports game: Sports games are generally not the best place for proposals unless it is the preference of your partner. They're loud and distracting, so you probably won't be able to have any of the romantic thoughts that such an important occasion deserves.
  • Do it in front of their family: Proposing in front of the family adds an extra layer of stress that you don't need. Make this moment just between the two of you. Your families will be merged into your marriage by default, but they don't need to be there when you apply.

  • Make it too complicated: Try to be unique and creative with your proposal plan, but above all, stay focused on what really matters: the proposal itself. If you can't focus because you're worried that the limo will arrive on time for the balloon ride, then you're worried about something wrong.
  • Propose too early in the relationship: When you're in a new relationship that is going particularly well, it's hard not to do things rash. However, make sure you really get to know each other and what everyone wants from marriage before committing.
  • Expect them to say "yes" immediately: Asking someone to marry you is very important. If your girlfriend says "maybe," take it easy. Give them some time to consider the proposal. You want them to be as confident in her decision as you are in yours.

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