Simple Guide to Create an Office Space You'll Love

The key elements of a perfect home workspace are the table, the chair, and a pleasant environment. Interior designer Andrew Griffiths shares how to get a space you'll love.

The events of the past year have changed many aspects of the way we live, and while we may wish for some things to return to normal, others seem destined to stay with us.

Working from home has always been the norm for some, but now it has become a lifestyle for many more for the first time.

If your home has an office, you are well prepared. But at a time when our homes are getting smaller and smaller and most properties weren't designed with household chores in mind, it can be a struggle to deal with the fact that our living space is also our workplace.

To be truly effective, a workspace has many requirements: it must be clean, organized, and comfortable enough to spend a lot of time in, but also inspiring and (ideally) a pleasant part of the overall look of your home.

That is why it is important to understand the basics well. But where to start? If you want to create a home office, but your budget (or space) doesn't extend to a complete renovation, here are some suggestions on where to focus your efforts and how to design a space that brings joy.

Suit Environment

Ideally, we would all work next to a window to enjoy natural light, fresh air, and, if we're lucky, a stunning view. Of course, this is not always possible, but all is not lost.

Color is a powerful thing and choosing the right palette for your workplace can help you create the right environment for you.

Are you energized and inspired by a daring shade? Or are you looking for a quiet and restful space? Think about how you want it to be, and then open the ink for a profitable transformation.

The Right Desk

It may seem obvious but think carefully about what you really need. Is it just a place to rest a laptop and your coffee, or do you need a more generous space to distribute documents or place a keyboard, mouse, and monitor? Find the surface that gives you what you need and starts from there.

A Good Chair

Convenience is important, as you'll likely be spending a lot of time at your desk, but that doesn't necessarily mean sacrificing style. If you have a separate home office with room to maneuver, look for a more elegant version of an office chair.

A Small Distance

If you can't close your desk door at the end of the day, find a way to visually distance it when not in use. This helps maintain harmony in your home and allows you to disconnect.

A divider can be placed behind a door when it is not needed and then become a resource when you are ready to close the laptop.

An open bookcase is also a good option, as it helps to locate an area without blocking all the light.

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Source: Thomas Frank

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